Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ends & Odds

Council Meeting 1/12/09

Wow, no sooner had I taken off my jacket, heard the opening gavel and the closing gavel was sounded.

Actually, I think the meeting lasted a total of 9 minutes or so. Quite possibly the shortest City Council meeting on record. It was also the first council meeting presided over by Councilperson Dawn Kuhn as Council President.

Southern Star Pipeline & Monticello Road (the southern portion)

Has this situation been resolved? Is there finally a plan to move that pipeline? Who will pay for the move?

Will this add additional costs to the project? Will the city be paying for it? Some of the Monticello residents said, a long time ago, that it would. Are their predictions coming true?

Who will benefit from this project? Could get to be more interesting.