Thursday, April 29, 2010

Info Will Be Posted Earlier

Great news regarding the posting of the Ward 1 council applicants info.

I received an email from the mayor which indicates that the information will be posted on the city's website either tomorrow or Monday. It can only be guessed that folks did use the link to express their opinion to the mayor.

This will now give the citizens of Shawnee (especially the residents of Ward 1) the opportunity to review the applicants' backgrounds and qualifications. Now all they would have to do is to attend the council meeting May 10, and if they have any questions and/or concerns, to voice them.

Ward 1 Council Applicant Info

I inquired of city hall as to when the applicants' info (resume, letter of intent, etc) would be made available for review by the puclic.

I was informed that the info would be posted after 5PM on Thursday May 6, 2010 along with other packet info for the May 10th council meeting. The Thursday posting of packet info is normal procedure and meets legal requirements for items to be discussed at a council meeting..

In this case, it is just my opinion that the applicant info needs to be made available earlier so folks can have some real time to review it.

If you agree with me, click on the link below and email the mayor requesting that action. The subject line will automatically be filled in "Please release applicant info early" Then, if you want to add additional comments in the body of the email you can:

Mayor Jeff Meyers

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Five Who Want It

Five folks have filed for the vacant Ward 1 council seat.

They are:

James "Jim" G. Neighbor10405 W. 52nd TerraceShawnee, KS 66203
(913) 268-9061

James J. O'Connell
5127 BallentineShawnee, KS 66203
(913) 631-5192

Doyle Ervin
6204 Cottonwood Drive
Shawnee, KS 66216
(913) 268-6686

Greg Nachbar
14101 W. 61st StreetShawnee, KS 66216
(913) 631-1464

Joseph Budenbender
6017 CottonwoodShawnee, KS 66216
(816) 729-0152

The above was from the city's website

Remember, this will be on the agenda for May 10, 2010 starting at 6:00PM

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sock It To Me

Who remembers the old Rowan & Martin show "Laugh In"? Remember the old 'sock it to me' antics? They were funny.

We have a current 'sock it to me' though that is not funny. That is the franchise fee that was enacted last August. Some of the council members spoke out against it because, among other things, they attempted to point out that as the utilities got rate increases, the dollar amount of the franchise fee would also increase.

Well, apparently KCP&L has applied for yet another price increase. The Kansas Corporate Commission is holding a public hearing on the proposed increase on Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 7PM. It will be at the Matt Ross Community Center, Crown Room, 8101 Marty, OP, KS 66214.

People in Shawnee will get hit with the double whammy......or a double 'sock it to me'.......higher utility rates and higher franchise fees. One would think that because of that it would be newsworthy. Still, I don't remember reading about it in the local media (Shawnee Dispatch).

Just an FYI............. of the current sitting council only Pflumm and Distler were against the franchise fee. Kuhn, Sandifer & Sawyer voted for it, with Mayor Meyers breaking the tie. Of the former council members who were on the council when it came to a vote, Goode & Straub voted against it and Scott voted for it.

Side chuckle: Ironically, three months after introducing the motion to create the ordinance for the franchise fee Ms Scott purchased her new home in Arizona. Was this her going away 'gift' to Shawnee?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

May 10, 2010 - Mark Your Calendars

That is the day that two hot items will be on the council's agenda.

Keep in mind that the session that night is scheduled to start 6:00PM.

1. First up will be the council reviewing applicants and most likely choosing a replacement for Cheryl Scott's vacated Ward 1 seat. I still think that the way the resignation was handled was an insult to the voters in Ward 1 as it avoided putting the seat on the general election ballot. The odds of the council allowing it to go to a special election are pretty slim. Even though that is what should be done.

I'm still willing to bet one of those $1 burger specials that the council chooses Jim Neighbor......the man that lost to Dan Pflumm in the last election. Maybe they'll use some convoluted rationale such as the fact that he got "x" number of votes, even though he lost. Wonder, if he had won and Pflumm had applied for the position would the same rationale apply? I doubt it. :-) :-) (See the post below dated Apr 17, 2010..."Did I blow It")

Anyway, if you are in Ward 1, you might want to be sure to be there. If you live in one of the other wards, you might still want to be there to see how the council operates.

2. The other item that is now scheduled to be brought up is the Community Improvement District for 10 Quivira Plaza, the shopping center at Shawnee Mission Parkway and Quivira Rd. That's the one that could result in a 1% sales tax increase for just the stores in that shopping center. Personally, I think that folks need to be there to see how these CIDs work. Let the council know whether or not you approve of the increased sales tax.

So, mark your calendars. This one is too important to miss. Of all the elected bodies (congress, state legislature, county commission, city council) the city council has the greatest effect on our daily lives, yet draws the least amount of attention by citizens.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Public Hearing to be Postponed - Sales Tax

Looks like the agenda for Monday's city council meeting shows that there will be a postponement of the public hearing for the CID for 10 Quivira Plaza until May 10, 2010.

View info at$FILE/COSS-84RTDC.pdf

specifically page 3.

Anybody who wants to comment on this, either pro or con, or just to observe what happens will have to wait until May 10.

Public Hearing - Sales Tax Increase

Don't forget that there is a public hearing on Monday @ 7:30PM as part of the city council meeting.

The purpose of the public hearing will be to review an application for a community improvement district at 10 Quivira Plaza (Shawnee Mission P'kwy and Quivira Rd). This is the shopping center that contains, among others, the Price Chopper store. If approved, the CID will include a 1% sales tax increase just on the stores in that shopping center.

Since this involves a sales tax increase it is important that folks attend and voice their objections or concurrences with the proposed sales tax increase.

Funny little side note: I did not notice any info in this past Wednesday's Shawnee Dispatch about a reminder to the public. I guess that the possibility of a sales tax increase is not a newsworthy item. It's almost like somebody wanted to keep this under the radar so to speak.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Was I Asleep?

OK, it finally hit me this morning. Jeff Vaught came up with a bunch of nonsense last night (see my blog post below).

According to him, the Cato Institute said that vehicle accidents have declined but cell phone ownership has increased. Now, that I think back on that, so what? What is the correlation? Is Vaught trying to say that because more folks own cell phones that that reduces accidents?

Accidents can be down for a variety of reasons, some of which I mentioned in the post below. So cell phone ownership has increased. Is it possible that a good portion of the increase doesn't even drive? The Pew Research folks recently came out with a study that said 3 out of 4 children ages 12-17 now have cell phones. That's 75% of kids in that group, up from 45% two years ago. How many younger than 12 now have phones so mommy and daddy can stay in touch with them? What about grammy and grampy? How many senior citizens now have cell phones? Great way to keep track of the kids, grand kids and even great grand kids. Especially if they are out of state, what with all the various unlimited and family plans going around.

If this is the type of bovine scatology that is going to come out of Ward 3, wow, it's gonna be a fun 3 years.

By the way, are you going to publicly say whether or not you favor a strong state statute about cell phones and texting?

More On Cell Phone/Texting

Well, I gave my presentation last night about the cell phone/texting thing.

Newly elected council member Jeff Vaught had a question for me that I was unable to answer. He had information from the Cato Institute that showed that even though the number of cell phone users has increased, that the number of vehicle accidents has decreased (nationwide).

Well, looks like I'm going to have to do some digging for answers.

But, what do we know? We know "Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Announces First Enforcement Crackdown Campaign on Distracted DrivingPilot Programs in Hartford, CT and Syracuse, NY are Latest Effort in DOT’s Fight Against Distracted Driving" and the rest of the press release is here at

Also, as part of the press release the following info was supplied "Research by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that in 2008 alone, nearly 6,000 people were killed and more than a half million people were injured in crashes involving a distracted driver nationwide. Almost 20 percent of all crashes that same year involved some type of distraction."

I do know that the DOT has some very interesting information at

So why have traffic accidents shown a decline? Well, until I can dig into the research, maybe I can come up with some plausible ideas.

  1. Have the number of people driving been reduced over the past couple of years because of telecommuting?
  2. Have more people resorted to shared transportation and/or public transportation because of the economy?
  3. Are less people driving because more folks are unemployed? Are more people taking 'staycations" (staying within their home area) as opposed to traveling vacations?
  4. Are more people reducing their other leisure time driving?
  5. Are they combining their errands to reduce the amount of driving being done?
  6. Do safety improvements (like ABS brakes) help reduce accidents?

Anyway, I'd still be for stronger laws in Kansas regarding cell phone and texting use while driving.

Hey, here's a good one.........for Jeff Vaught..........are you in favor of stronger texting/cell phone laws in Kansas? Now that's a simple question that does not need charts, graphs etc. Actually, it just needs a simple yes or no.

Feel free to email me with your answer and I'll be happy to post it here

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Resident Responds

I received an email from a resident of Ward 1 concerning the potential sales tax increase that would be part of the proposed Community Improvement District:

I appreciate your "ramblings" and your efforts to keep the City of Shawnee government accountable. I'd like to point out a key issue that you've missed in your most recent entry, "Potential Sales Tax Increase."I'm sure the Community Development area in question is frequently utilized by Ward I members (such as myself). The public hearing for the matter occurs on 4/26/10. Cheryl Scott's vacated council seat will not be considered/filled until 5/10/10. Thus, a matter that would most certainly have a major impact on Ward I members is currently slated to be considered while that ward is under-represented. I'd like to encourage people to write their ward reps and ask them to consider delaying the hearing on this matter until Scott's seat is filled. Thanks again for posting your insights.

Stephen Parnell
Ward I

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Potential Sales Tax Increase

You could wind up paying an additional 1% sales tax of you shop in any of the stores at 10 Quivira Plaza. That's the shopping center at Quivira and Shawnee Mission Parkway, the one that has Price Chopper in it.

There will be a public hearing at the city council on Monday, 4/26/10, at 7:30PM concerning this matter.

Here is what it is all about. The ownership of the shopping center has petitioned the city to create a community improvement district. See the info at$FILE/838VRT.pdf pages 57-81, specifically page 71.

Basically there are two things that happen:

1. The owners pay an additional assessment with their property taxes. This additional assessment is used to defray some of the costs of rehabbing the shopping center. Hey, it's the owner's money. Do it.

2. The stores in the shopping center charge the public an extra 1% sales tax. This money also goes to the ownership to help defray some of the costs of the rehab. Whoa..........

The city has recently hit the residents with a 5% utility (gas & electric) franchise fee. Ouch. Have the utilities started petitioning for rate increases? Another ouch. The major retailer in this shopping center is a grocery store. Hey, we don't need groceries to live. More ouch. The shopping center is frequented by many folks of what may be referred to as modest income. Keep on ouching.

Whatever happened to the concept of businesses using their funds or loans to build their businesses? If the sales tax is approved, and if the shopping center is improved, and if the ownership sells it down the road, would they cut the citizens of Shawnee in for a percentage of the sale profits?

It is very important for folks to attend this public hearing and voice their opinion. Even if you don't shop in that area, this is an item that could happen anywhere in the city.

So, if you are for or against a community improvement district, show up and be heard. Remember, public hearing, Monday April 26, 2010, city council chambers at 7:30PM.

Curious, as to how much "play" the local media (Dispatch) has given to this, other than publishing the requisite public notice?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Did I Blow It?

Wow, I really blew it when I posted my comments about the meeting of 3/22/10 and how the Dispatch didn't question certain items

How did I blow it? I missed the most important thing..........the fact that Scott delivered her resignation to the city manager instead of to the mayor.

OK, here goes. The city manager is appointed by and works for the council. Ergo, it is the mayor, not the city manager who is a council person's "supervisor". As such Ms Scott's resignation should have been delivered to the mayor and the council and not to the city manager. The city manager's comment that she didn't notify the mayor prior to the council meeting because she hadn't reviewed it is ridiculous. It was not her position to review it. It was her responsibility to notifiy the mayor immediately upon receiving it. By withholding this information from the mayor would this be insubordination? And then by staying quiet when Straub asked his question about Scott's regnation was definitely wrong.

So, that is how I blew it. By not pointing out who should have received the resignation to begin with. Has the mayor reprimanded the city manger for not delivering the info to him in a timely manner? Or, for remaining quiet when Straub asked his question? Or do we have a defacto reversal of positions in Shawnee city government?

By the way, it looks like my prognostication concerning the timing of Scott's resignation was pretty close

I had guessed the resignation to take place after the election. She actually did it before. Most likely since Straub was out of the picture by losing in the primary.

The letter I posted in the blog below, calling for an election to fill Scott's seat was mentioned in the KC Star

Ironically, the Shawnee Dispatch had no mention of it
I wouldn't expect the local cheerleader, that fails to question officials' comments, to mention things like a call for an election.

The residents of Ward 1 are urged to be at the city council meeting of May 10, 2010 to see how your council handles the picking of Ms Scott's replacement...........the meeting starts at 6:00PM that night. Heck, even if you're not in Ward 1 be there. This mickey mouse game could some day happen in your ward too. Do you think the council would vote to give the open seat to Jim Neighbor, who lost to Dan Pflumm in the election?

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Resignation Saga Continues

At tonight's council meeting, with the 60 day countdown beginning tomorrow, I just had to write and then read an open letter to the council.

Following is the letter:

April 12, 2010

To The Mayor and City Council, City of Shawnee, Kansas

The city has recently posted information soliciting applications from individuals desiring to replace Council Member Scott as a result of her resignation.

I am going to suggest that the council refrain from appointing a replacement and let it go to a special election.

The manner in which this resignation was handled is abhorrent. Action could have been taken by the council member to resign in such a manner, with a delayed date, so that the seat could have been voted on during the last general election.

Now some folks are going to say that with the current financial situation it would be to the city’s advantage not to have a special election. So, let us address that with a simple time line and some common sense and logic.

In November 2009 Ms Scott purchased a new home in Arizona. The documents for that purchase were notarized by our own city clerk. Here is where the common sense comes in. It had to be obvious to other city officials, and members of the council that there would eventually be a resignation. As the mayor said on numerous occasions, he could do nothing until he received a resignation. But, again, it was obvious that eventually one would be forthcoming.

Knowing that, it was incumbent upon the city manager to plan for that day. Current Charter Ordinance 40 provides for a selection of a replacement by the remaining council members. If they are unable to do so, within a specified time (60 days) then it would go to a special election.

If one was to wager on this, then it would probably be 99% that the council would be able to perform that selection. Still, since city councils can become fractious, and this one is no exception, there would always be the possibility that they could be unable to select a replacement and a special election would be necessary. Therefore, back in November it would have been proper planning to plan for the availability of funds in case that became the scenario. Did the city manager, or does she now have a plan to pay for a special election? Gosh, did we give Wonderscope that $10,000 that many thought was unnecessary? Why did we plan for 5 people to go to DC for the NLC conference? Why not only 2? If Sandifer and Kuhn had stayed home we could have saved almost $6,000. Are there other areas that could have provided the necessary funds? Like reducing or eliminating any future travel this year by council members? Or do certain council members need to take additional trips?

It would be incumbent upon this council to validate the will of the people by allowing the voters of Ward I to elect Ms. Scott’s replacement.

I would hope that Ms Scott, who has given up many hours of her time to support veteran’s causes, would agree with the statement that many have served and many have paid the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the right of the people to elect their officials

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Public Hearing Postponed

According to the published agenda for the April 12, 2010 city council meeting, the public hearing for the 10 Quivira Plaza Community Improvement District will be rescheduled for April 26, 2010.
Info available at$FILE/SNOS-84BRT6.pdf

For information as originally posted please go here and view pages 57-81 at this site$FILE/838VRT.pdf

Residents are encouraged to go to the public hearing on April 26th and voice their opinions. Even if they don't shop at this center, what does or does not happen could affect future CIDs at other locations.

I am sure that the city council will welcome all opinions.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

DC Dollars

Well, a contingent of Shawnee officials went to Wash DC recently for the National League of Cities Conference. Attendance at these types of conferences can be beneficial to the city. My only question is why did we need to have four people go? Actually, it was planned for five originally but Neal Sawyer had to cancel because of business commitments.

Now, the Shawnee Dispatch published the dollar figures at

This is what they showed:

Not listed on the city Web site are the expenses incurred on the trip. Gonzales, who was in D.C. from March 14 to 16, had expenses totaling $1,637.56.

Kuhn attended the conference from March 12 to 16 and had expenses totaling $2,560.72.

Sandifer attended March 12 to 17 and had expenses totaling $3,184.55.

Meyers attended March 14 to 16 and had expenses totaling $1,495.56.

Elected official expenses
Listed below is the breakdown of expenses at the National League of Cities Congressional Conference in Washington, D.C.

• Dawn Kuhn, Council member
(attended five days) — lodging: $1,076.32; transportation: $384.40; registration $445; classes: $360; meals: $295.
• Jeff Meyers, mayor (attended three days) — lodging: $538.16; transportation: $347.40; registration: $445; meals: $165.
• Mickey Sandifer, Council member (attended six days)lodging: $1,345.40; transportation: $568.15; registration: $445; classes: $480; meals: $346

What gets me is Mickey Sandifer, the man who spent quite a bit of money traveling to Texas for a meeting and now is the council member that spent the most in DC and was there the most number of days. The same man that was concerned about the potential loss of city emergency services because of budgetary problems. C'mon Mickey, get real.

My next question is why plan for 5 people? Couldn't we have done just as well with 2? The mayor and the city manager?

I was wondering, back in February when the trip was mentioned at a council meeting how it was determined as to who went, especially with regards to council members. I erroneoulsy had been lead to believe that they were "selected", so I sent an email to the city manager and she explained the process. This is from her reply to me on 2/23/10:

Ray,Each year staff reminds Governing Body members when the time to registerfor Spring NLC comes and asks whoever is interested to respond. We have always left it up to individual council members to make their own decision on whether to attend or not.

So, I guess that means that the council members who did not go, chose not to go, and therefore chose to save the city money.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Election Results 2010

Well, I think I'll start with Ward 4 since that is where I live. Michelle Distler, a true independent thinker, literally blew away her challenger Loretta Barngrover 521 to 281 (64.96% to 35.04%).

In Ward 3 it was Jeff Vaught 467 over Dennis Kissinger 404 (52.89% to 45.75%).

Ward 2 has challenger David Morris at 474 victorious over Shawnee's local elder statesman Frank Goode at 323 (59.25% to 40.38%).

And, in Ward 1 Dan Pflumm will return to the council defeating Jim Neighbor 735 to 645 (53.11% to 46.60%).

The new council will choose the council president at their first meeting. Personally, I think after holding that position for two years that it is time for Dawn Kuhn to not be given a third year. Naturally, considering the confidence that her constituents have placed in her, I firmly believe that Michelle Distler would make an excellent council president.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Wards 1 & 2

Tomorrow's the big choices..............

Vote for Pflumm in Ward 1
Vote for Goode in Ward 2

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Picture Truly is Worth 1000 Words

Two years ago when Mickey Sandifer was up for reelection he was whining and crying because he felt that some council reps were working with his opponent against him (Michelle Distler was not one of them)

Now, Mr Whiner and Cryer is doing that same thing to Michelle Distler. What a hypocrite he is.

Anyway, a fellow 4th Ward resident sent me the photo shown below of Lori Barngrover's sign in Sandifer's front yard. That individual told me that that helped make up their mind not to vote for Barngrover.

Ward 4 Election

Definitely, Michelle Distler, the incumbent, is the better candidate over the challenger Lori Barngrover. Distler, is a true independent thinker.

Anyway, IMHO Barngrover has some's a suitcase called Mickey Sandifer.

Another Ward 4 resident told me they had seen Sandifer taking Barngrover around and introducing her. Yepper, the same Sandifer that says it's none of our business how money was spent on one of his trips. The same Sandifer who tried to instill fear in folks that if the last budget wasn't approved as recommended that essential emergency services could be lost. The same Sandifer that tried to convince some folks that unless the franchise fee was passed that the city might be liable to lawsuits.............and the same Sandifer who on the last trip to DC spent more money than any other person who went and stayed more days than anybody else.

Would Barngrover become a Sandifer clone?

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Ward 3 Election

Kissinger vs Vaught.....................Vaught vs Kissinger

Personally, I'm not fond of either one.

WWIDIILIW3? = What would I do if I lived in ward 3?

I'd probably write in the name of Kevin Straub.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Scott's Resignation - It Gets Deeper

Well, the Shawnee Dispatch has another updated article on the Scott resignation. It can be seen here:

There are so many holes in that article. I wonder, does the Dispatch (aka Cheerleader) just take what they are told by the city as gospel or do they ever question things? In a previous posting I mentioned Judge Judy's book, "Don't Pee On My Leg And Tell Me It's Raining". Well, she has another comment that she uses: "If it doesn't make sense, it's probably not true."

OK, here are items from the article. Rather than comment at the end, I'll toss my comments in between them. The Dispatch comments will be in blue, my thoughts will be in red

Shawnee City Council member Cheryl Scott is resigning her Ward I seat effective April 13, but the much-anticipated resignation and the timing of its announcement are causing ripples of criticism.
Scott, who has sold her Shawnee home and is moving to Arizona, submitted her letter of resignation Friday, March 19, at City Hall. During the regular Council meeting on Monday, March 22, Council member Kevin Straub asked if Scott had yet submitted a resignation and whether there had been any discussions about selecting her replacement.
At the time, Mayor Jeff Meyers reiterated his stance that he wouldn’t have knowledge of Scott’s resignation until he received a letter from her.

So, from Friday until Monday nobody told the mayor about Scott's resignation? In the council meeting room, before the council meeting, Scott never said anything to the mayor? Did they have a one on one discussion before the meeting? C'mon now. I need a towel.........I feel something wet on my leg.

Gonzales, who later said she had reviewed Scott’s resignation letter earlier that day but had not told the mayor about the letter, did not comment on Straub’s question, nor did Scott. By not answering Straub at the meeting are they guilty of lying by omission?

When Scott’s resignation was announced publicly three days after the Council meeting, Straub began raising questions anew.
He said he believes Scott and Gonzales’ silence serves as evidence the resignation was delayed because some Council members want to replace Scott with an appointment of their choice. As it now stands, Scott’s replacement won’t be selected until after the April 6 elections in which three incumbents are facing challenges. Straub’s seat also is up for election Tuesday, but he was defeated in the March 2 primary.

"Why wasn’t it announced, why did we hold off?" Straub asked of the letter of resignation. "When the mayor came out and said ‘I have no knowledge of it,’ why didn’t the city manager correct him? Why did Cheryl think that the new City Council, the ones who are elected in April, would be better to pick her replacement than the voters?" Good questions!!!

Meyers said it was up to Scott to decide when she would resign.
"Cheryl is the Council member who has to make that decision, and who’s to say that she wasn’t going to change her mind at some point?" Meyers said.
Right, she might change her mind. Bought her new house in November, near her daughter. Sold her Shawnee house in December. Just might change her mind? Where's that towel?

On Thursday, Scott confirmed she was resigning in order to move to Arizona. Wow, now that's a surprise......not.

"I was elected to do what I felt was right, and to me, this was the right thing to do," she said.
Scott declined further comment.
Right, it's the right thing to do to let the council select your replacement, rather than the voters.........not.

Gonzales said she didn’t want to correct the mayor during the meeting and continue a discussion among Council members about Scott’s replacement before she had had a chance to discuss the issue with Meyers. Again, is this lying by omission? As a member of the council, Straub was entitled to an honest answer from Gonzales who works for the council. Is she the one to decide if a discussion should continue? Believe that is beyond her scope of responsibility. And she says she didn't discuss it with the mayor beforehand? Huh??? And if not, why not?? As contentious as this item has become one would think that as soon as Gonzales got the letter she would have notified the mayor? She sat on it instead? Please, get me that towel!!!!!

Scott was first elected to the Council in 2004 and was re-elected in 2008. She has been involved within the community with the Sister City Committee, Old Shawnee Days, the Shawnee Great Grillers Barbeque Contest, and the Irish-American and German-American Clubs. OK

Controversy over Scott’s possible resignation arose in late January. Ward I resident Carri Donohoe Person and her attorney came to a Council meeting the day before the deadline to file as a candidate for the April Council elections and asked Scott to resign her seat.
Person said she had learned Scott planned to move to Arizona and that she had sold her Shawnee home in late December. Person said Scott should resign, allowing the Council to vote to put the seat on the ballot for April’s Council elections so voters could choose Scott’s replacement.
At the time, Scott said she would not resign until she changed her address. Marvin Rainey, city attorney, said city ordinances would not allow the Council to put the seat on the April ballot, even if Scott had resigned prior to the filing deadline. But what if she had resigned in November with a delayed date? The city could have notiffed JoCo elections that by the time of the April election the seat would be open. Considering that the Shawnee City Clerk notarized some of the purchase documents for her new home, common sense tells you it would be obvious that a move was in the works. Get me that towel....please.

In addition to giving up her Council seat, Scott indicated she was resigning from her positions on the Johnson County Solid Waste Management Committee and the Shawnee Convention and Visitors Bureau. Her last Council meeting will be April 12, which will be the same meeting Council members elected in the April 6 elections will be sworn in. OK

The resignation puts into effect the process of appointing a replacement Council member to fill out Scott’s current term, which expires in April 2012. The Council has 60 days to fill the vacancy before the city would be required to hold a special election. They don't have to appoint a replacement, they can let it go to the voters.

The replacement must be nominated by a Council member and approved by the majority of the remaining Council members.

Gonzales said the 60 days would begin the day Scott’s resignation is effective. Gonzales said the city would ask Ward I residents to send letters of interest to become Scott’s replacement, and those who applied would be interviewed at a Council meeting before a replacement is appointed.
"I would anticipate that will happen in early May," she said.