Sunday, May 28, 2017

Memorial Day, Monday 5/29/2017

Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  Most folks will have the day off.  Students will be home because schools will be closed.  The BBQ grills will be started, friends and relatives will visit and folks will have a good old time.

I ask that each and everyone of you take the  3 minutes and 31 seconds to view the below video.  Remember why it is that you have the day off.  Remember why you are able to visit with family and friends.  You can do all these things because of the members of our military who will not be here to have that day off.  They gave you the day off and the opportunity to visit with your family and friends, things that they will never be able to do themselves.

Remember them please, and make sure that you invite the young people with you to watch the video also.  Explain it to them.  Teach them.  Thank you.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Shawnee Officer Featured in Click it or Ticket PSA

The 2017 public service ad for the Click it or Ticket campaign in Kansas features our own Officer George Lozano as the spokesperson.

Congrats to Officer Lozano for being chosen to spread the word about this important activity across the entire state.

If you haven't seen the ad on TV, it is also on You Tube.  See below

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Justin Adrian-Candidate Info Disappears From the Web

In a previous post I took exception to the fact that Justin Adrian, Ward 3 candidate for city council was a Hillary Clinton supporter.  The post even had quotes from his Go Fund Me page where he was trying to raise money to go to the Democratic Convention.  Well somebody who wanted to view the whole page went to the link then contacted me and said the link didn't work.

Hmmmm!!!!!  Did the Go fund Me page expire?  I've seen some up there for a long time.  Or, did he pull the page?  Not to worry.  I have the screen shots for those who want to read the whole thing. What other web info is going to be deleted?  Web info that I already have screen shots of.

Anyway, here are the screen shots for his Go fund Me page.


Cops on the Roof

On Friday May 19, 2017 officers from the Shawnee PD participated in "Cops on the Roof". This was a charity event, sponsored by Dunkin' Donuts to raise money for Kansas Special Olympics. With assistance of CPAAA volunteers over $1,100 was raised in this first time event. That was a tremendous job and one that we can all be proud of. We had 13 CPAAA members covering multiple shifts from 5AM to 2PM assisting the officers. Officer Mike Velasquez was the lead for the PD.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Third Candidate Files for Ward 3 Seat - There Will Be a Primary

There will be a primary election on August 1, 2017 for council rep in Shawnee's Ward 3.

Justin Adrian has filed to run and he will be facing Dave Myres and Jeff Vaught.

So, what does Justin Adrian bring to the table?  On his campaign web site, on the Meet Justin page he says "He has attended a major national convention and worked on national campaigns." 

I thought that was interesting, and yes, city elections are non-partisan, but I was intrigued, since he mentioned it.  So, a little digging and one comes up with a "Go Fund Me" page to raise money for his expenses to the convention.  It is here:

And what was the info on that page?  How about this?  "My name is Justin Adrian and I am one of two delegates representing Hillary Clinton for the state of Kansas at the Democratic National Convention."

Do I have an opinion on this?  You bet.  But first, for those who don't know me: four years in the army, discharged as a Staff Sergeant (E6), one year in Viet Nam and with a VA 20% disability because of the VN service. 

That info will probably help to explain my next comments.  No way would I want to see anybody who supports that lying, corrupt, Witch of Benghazi, as a local official.  No way would I want to see somebody who supports an individual who wants to destroy the 2d Amendment be elected to local office.  Now, I am really concerned about what he is teaching students since his profession is that of a social studies teacher.  Does he teach them that it is OK to lie about what happened in Benghazi?  I could go on and on and on, but I won't.

Anyway, suffice it to say that it is my opinion that the citizens of Ward 3 would be best served by not returning Jeff Vaught to office, and not replacing him with Justin Adrian.

Dave Myres would provide the folks in Ward 3 with the type of representation they deserve.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Time to Say Sayonara to Jeff Vaught

Dave Myres has filed to run against Jeff Vaught for Shawnee City Council Ward 3.

Dave's web site is

When Vaught ran for Mayor in 2015 he was bounced in the primary and never made it to the general election.  Ironically, the voters of Ward 3 did not want him to be mayor.  He came in third in his own ward.  Why?  Because maybe the voters in Ward 3 finally woke up and realized what kind of an arrogant, self serving individual he is.  Maybe they realized that they were not happy that he has a verifiable record of insulting fellow council members and members of the public.

After meeting Dave Myres I do not envision him to be divisive.  I firmly believe that Dave will work with other members of the council and just as importantly with the voters of his ward to make the city a better place.  Dave is educated, successful, and he has served his country as a Captain in the US Army.  It's time to "elect a vet" and not a "loudmouthed bully".

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

New Election Dates

April has come and gone  and even though this is an election year for city council there was no election.

That is because the election dates have been changed.  This year we have one seat in each of the four Shawnee council wards up for election.

Primary election is August 1, 2017 (only needed if more than two file for a seat)
General election is November 7, 2017

Traditionally, Shawnee and other cities have experienced extremely poor turn outs for local elections.
We have discussed that situation numerous times on this blog.  It's amazing how many folks vote for president, governor etc. but can't seem to get out and vote for local government officials.

Local government has the most effect on your daily lives.  The list is long, but just to mention a few, these items are:  sales taxes, building permits, zoning rules, business licenses, police, fire, snow removal, parks ad infinitum.

Also, local government is probably the most easily accessible for folks to address in person and voice their thoughts.

We in Johnson County are fortunate at the wide variety of voting options we have, advance voting in person or by mail are among these.  There is no reason why we should see a 12% voter turn out for local elections.

The next time that the city council does or does not do something, before you ask "How did that happen?" ask "Did I get involved?  Did I vote?  Did I contact council in person or via other means?"

Info on advance voting can be found here