Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jordan's Robo Calls - Part 2

I received a call shortly after lunch from Matt Manda of Jordan's campaign.

He has taken care of the problem. I appreciate that, and a public thank you to him.

I will say this about Matt: In both of our conversations he diplayed respect for a constituent, and a high degree of professionalism.

Again, thank you Matt Manda.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jordan's Robo Calls

Robo calls (auto dial) can be a pain.

Now, political robo calls are exempt from the various "Do Not Call Lists". But, you would think that if a citizen asked for them to stop, that the campaign would do something about it.

Not the Nick Jordan campaign.

Oct 7, 2008: After getting what I felt were too many of these calls I contacted their office at 913.829.8683. A volunteer (I will not name her here)said she didn't think the name/number could be removed (wrongggggggggg), so I asked her to pass the info on to someone in authority.

Oct 19, 2008: Similar to the above (different volunteer) Asked again, to have my numbers removed from their lists.

Oct 28, 2008: They keep dialing and calling, dialing and calling. Called Jordan's office and this time the volunteer connected me with a staffer (Nat Manda). He seemed empathetic enough, said it would be taken care of, and asked if he could call me back to confirm that it was taken care. I gave him my cell phone number to call me back on.

Oct 29, 2008: Today, another call. Called the campaign office again. Manda was not available. Spoke with another staffer, a Barri Pruitt. She advised me that it was too difficult to go through these lists to remove folks. These lists are updated daily, and according to her are in "pdf" format, and it would just be too difficult. Huh?????? Something that is in pdf format is a written document. These numbers are loaded into a computerized calling system. There has to be a way to delete the numbers from a system. (The same or similar procedure that a commercial company would have to take for a do not call violation). Anyway, I informed Ms Pruitt that I considered the calls to be invasive and harassing. Are ya ready? She didn't think they were either one because they were recorded messages, not live calls. Hey, it's my phone, my house and I consider the calls to be invasive and harassing.

So this man wants to represent me in the 3rd Cong Dist? Shouldn't somebody who is running for office attempt or have a staff that attempts to be responsive to the citizenry? Basically, Ms Pruitt indicated when I asked if I would get more calls between today and the election that it could happen.

Ironically, I am a registered republican. In this election I have voted for two democrats (by mail ballot). Mr Jordan's opponent is one of the two.

Oh, I did inform Ms Pruitt that she could read about this episode on this blog.


Monday, October 20, 2008

I Messed Up - Cancel the Vote for Roman

Did I really say I was going to change my vote to vote for Pete Roman instead of Mary Pilcher Cook in the state senate district 10 race?

Change for Cook.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Dangerous Man

This man is dangerous. The last time a country had a national civilian security force they wore brown shirts, jackboots and a funny looking armband.

And, he wants it to be just as powerful as the military!!!!!!!!

Whoops.........Gotta Change One Vote

The more I think about it, the more I have to change one of my votes.

KS Senate District 10: Pete Roman

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How I'm Voting

These are the folks I'm planning on voting for..........naturally, everybody has to do what they think is right.

President & VP: McCain/Palin

U S Senate: Pat Roberts

U S Congressman: Dennis Moore

KS Rep Dist 23: Augie Bogina

KS Senate Dist 10: Mary Pilcher Cook

Johnson County Commission Dist 2: Jim Allen

District Attorney: Rick Guinn

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Agendas & Special Interests III

I have written about this on two previous occasions. With the upcoming election, I thought it might be interesting to bring it up again.

Many times we hear that a candidate has an agenda or is supported by special interests. These two terms are probably some of the most misused and abused expressions in a political campaign.

Agenda: What's wrong with having an agenda? As a matter of fact all candidates need to have agendas. They have to be able to state what they want to accomplish. That is an agenda. Voters need to have agendas. They need to know what they want their candidate(s) to accomplish. If a candidate does not have an agenda, then that person, if elected, is going to take office on a blind track. Having an agenda is only a negative if that agenda is different from your agenda as a voter.

Special interests: This is another abused and misused term. When a candidate has an agenda, then that candidate will be supported by folks who agree with that agenda. Hence, they are special interests. Again, what's wrong with that? Special interests are only negative if they disagree with your personal special interests.

I just wish candidates and political analysts (and the general public) would quit the abuse of these two phrases.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

KCI Responds

Before I post the response from KCI's spokesman, Joe McBride, I first must apologize to him, and KCI. He responded within 24 hours to my previous post. Because of some unforseen circumstances I did not get to post that response in a timely manner. His response is below.

Hi Ray:

I will address your questions regarding the master plan, but please read the below editorial first. The Kansas City Star chooses not to paint an accurate picture or downplays some key points to get people writing. The below editorial submitted some time ago may help allay some of your concerns.

Key here is that all Master Plans look at terminal needs in the future. The primary focus in this area is to protect land for future terminal development so the land is available if and when we need it. Planners take it a step further by looking at terminal needs in the future and how existing facilities can possibly accommodate additional passengers, flights, amenities, etc. while considering the buildings as they age. There will be another Master Plan before planning would begin for future terminal needs and changes. More than likely, we are 15 or more years out, probably more than 20. And when it happens, it will be a bi-state process.

KCI Master Plan

Master plans are conducted every 10 years and issues like noise, land use, airfield capacity, terminal needs, etc. are examined as a matter of course. The planning team’s focus is not only on possible terminal locations or designs, but future runway and taxiway needs to prevent the major delays that most large airports are facing.

KCI served 11.3 million passengers in 2007. At current growth rates, the airport could run out of terminal space by 2020 (the current economic downturn could push the date out even farther). As the Master Plan process looks at all aspects of the airport, the study team is looking into future passenger terminal needs for when, not if, KCI reaches full capacity of its three terminals. The Kansas City Aviation Department will not be prepared if we do not start planning now. No terminal concepts will be implemented before the next planning process in 10 years and it is likely that nothing would be constructed prior to the year 2020. Just because recommendations are made does not absolutely mean that they will be implemented. Circumstances like 9/11 and airline mergers can change plans. They are working documents.

The last Master Plan completed in 1995 suggested reallocating space for baggage claim, ticketing and concessions, and reducing the number of security checkpoints. This work was performed with the Terminal Improvement Project. The plan also called for constructing a new terminal complex when existing terminals reach the end of their useful life. The plan contemplated 20 million passengers as being the threshold.

When it comes time to refine a terminal design in years to come, we will task planners to produce efficient concepts that best achieve the level the convenience that customers are used to (short walk and short security lines). As is in the case of current Master Plan process, terminal design will be developed with City Council and public input.

Consider that KCI’s passenger terminals were designed in the late 1960s, prior to airline hubbing, terrorism and security checkpoints. The layout is very inefficient for passenger flow, security screening, baggage handling, concession variety and taxi and bus operations. The terminals were finished in 1972. While they were renovated and some of the faults fixed, the shell and other infrastructure will sometime deteriorate past their useful life. City officials at that time decided to extend the useful life of the passenger terminals at the lowest possible cost.
To simply add a fourth terminal of the same design would be to perpetuate an outdated design. To start from scratch and to incorporate the strengths of KCI’s terminals is an exciting opportunity! We promise to do so.

KCI is a true regional airport.

The questions I'd like to see answered are:
1. How many Kansas residents (numbers and percentages) utilize KCI? Possibly even broken down by county.See attached PowerPoint slides. This is all we have. (See attached file: Zip codes 2008 Powerpoint.ppt) (The powerpoint prsentation was a survey at KCI encompassing 32,992 transactions in June at the Garage, Circle and Economy areas. It broke it down by zip code and then recapped it by state. The state recaps were: KS 49% MO 45% and Other 6%)

2. How many tourists (numbers and percentages) visiting, have a Kansas location as their destination?We do not have that information. Perhaps the Kansas City Convention & Visitors Association would have it.

3. How many business travelers (numbers and percentages) have a Kansas location as their destination?We do not have that information.

4. How many of those above would like to see the configuration of the airport remain the way it is. (Supposedly it was designed with the possibility of a 4th circular terminal being built if necessary)We do not have this information. Anecdotally, we receive a considerable number of complaints and insults from people who live outside Kansas City that the design is outdated and inconvenient.

5. How much input will Kansas residents and businesses be permitted regarding any changes?As with our Master Plan process, people from throughout the region can take part. Public meetings are held and are promoted in advance with news releases, public notices in the KC Star and direct mail post cards to thousands of northland residents (it would be very expensive to go beyond this area, and the noise aspects of the studies more directly affect these residents). As noted above, there will likely be another Master Plan that will address the terminal needs in 10 years.

Based upon the line of questions you must perceive that the Kansas City Aviation Department is unaware that KCI's customer base includes the Kansas side. Long before our recent zip code survey, we knew that not only was there heavy draw from Johnson County, but also the Emporia, Wichita, Des Moines, Springfield and other cities outside the metro area. Usually about a third are from outside the area. One swing through Economy Parking will tell you that. That said, we understand who our customers are and will solicit the input of those in the community when the time come to contemplate the future of KCI's passenger terminals.

Thanks for the opportunity to weigh in!

Best regards,
Joe McBride
Kansas City Aviation Department
601 Brasilia Avenue
KCMO 64153