Saturday, April 18, 2020

Shawnee Town 1929, A Sacred Cow

Be Careful What You Say About A Sacred Cow, Shawnee Town 1929.  I'm sure I will anger some folks.  Too bad!!

Let's start with what happened at the most recent city council meeting, 4/13/20.  Stuck (hidden) in the consent agenda was an item to not accept the bid to move an old house from Leawood to Shawnee Town 1929.  This was to be known as the "Dr. Sullivan House".  Instead the city, thru its parks department is going to go forward with replicating the house.

What is disturbing about this is that when the item came up initially for discussion there was talk about doing exactly that.  Not accepting the "free" house and instead building a replica was voiced by some folks, most notably a member of the community, Tracy Thomas (not to be confused with Councilmember Tammy Thomas).  Ms. Thomas was soundly ridiculed for her comments, with the claim being that it would be cheaper to move the Leawood house.  One of the arguments given for moving the Leawood house, was IMHO plain out stupid.  That period fixtures (water faucets, etc) would be hard to find.  Horse patootie.  How many local businesses deal in antique fixtures, and some even rent/sell them to movie and theater productions for those activities.  Anyway it has now been determined that the cost of moving the house is above initial projections and action will be taken to replicate the old Dr. Sullivan house.

I firmly believe that both the city manager and the parks department director owe Tracy Thomas an apology.  BTW, if it wasn't for Councilmember Tammy Thomas the consent item would have just floated thru without any discussion.

Now, let's go to the next part of what I would like to say today about the sacred cow.  First, another member of the community took a drive from both I-435 east and I-35 west.  Apparently there was very limited or almost non-existant signage pointing folks to this destination.

But, more importantly, how many folks actually visit this destination in any given year even after the city has put millions of dollars into it?  We do not know the answer to that question.  There is not an accounting of visitors kept.  We do know that during Old Shawnee Days the place is packed with folks going to the carnival, visiting the vendor booths viewing the old structures and attending the nightly shows/concerts.

What we don't have is:  a) a sign in book at the visitor center, b) a clicker counter at the visitor center, c)a volunteer at the entrances with a clicker counter, d) a turnstile, no fee, but it counts the number of entrances.  If that is installed, employees and/or volunteers would have to bypass it.

What it boils down to is, have we been sinking money into this sacred cow just for one extended weekend a year? Or does it generate a sufficient quantity of tourists/guests (and income) to make it what everyone would like it to be?  Naturally, any figure for visitors would need to be separate from groups that rent out the town hall for events.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Speaker Pelosi, The WHO and Congressperson Davids

What I just read on a news feed makes me want to puke.  Apparently House Speaker Pelosi wants to block President Trump's decision to withhold funds from WHO (World Health Organization).  We are talking about almost $900 million. 

WHO was totally remiss in the way they bowed down to China and allowed misinformation to be disseminated.  Our country is the largest contributor to WHO, and we give literally 10x more to that organization than China.  Apparently though the hierarchy at WHO feels an obligation to let China control what they do.

That $900 million can be better used here to help our people towards a speedy health and economic recovery.  Not given to an organization that panders to BS and lies.

Now, will our illustrious Congressperson, Sharice Davids get smart, show some concerns for our country and its people, or will she firmly plant her lips on the derriere of Speaker Pelosi?  If I was a betting man I'd bet she'd do the latter.  That is why, IMHO, Davids has got to go.  And the $$$ have to be held back from the WHO.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Religious Freedom and the COVID-19 Pandemic

All across the country there are now disputes about religious freedom and the various social distancing orders because of COVID-19.

Here in Kansas Gov. Kelly attempted to remove the exemption for religious institutions which was quickly stifled by the legislative panel entrusted with reviewing her executive orders.

Actions taken by her, other governors and some mayors have become national news especially in view of the importance that this weekend has for multiple religions.  This weekend falls right in the middle of the Jewish holiday of Passover and the Christian holiday of Easter. 

Here is my take on the situation.  It comes in two parts.

First:  Any action by any elected official to shut down religious services at this or any time is a clear and obvious violation of our constitution.  The provision in the first amendment could not be any clearer.  These actions by elected officials need to be shot down by the courts as they happen.

Second:  Any individual or religious congregation that is desirous of holding services in an enclosed environment involving dozens or hundreds of their faithful is downright foolish.  Nope, I'll change that to stupid.

In this day and age of advanced technology we all have the opportunity to "gather together" in other forms to express our beliefs for these holidays.  Including a good old fashioned parking lot drive in.

Most religious institutions have taken appropriate action to hold non-contact services.  I applaud them.  On line chat rooms, webinar based services, video the possibilities are enormous. 

For the few organizations that are conducting in person services, I hope and yes, pray, that your flocks do not become infected.  Common sense must prevail.

Sunday, April 05, 2020

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo........Hypocritical Piece of Garbage


For those that may not be aware of it I was born in Brooklyn and raised in the Bronx.  Even though I left NYC 45 years ago there is still something in me that has an attachment for the "City That Never Sleeps".

It is for that reason that some of the things that Gov. Cuomo has and has not done under the current pandemic situation I find to be abhorrent.  Yet this piece of trash is trying to blame POTUS for items that he could and should have handled.

First, in 2015 the NYS Department of Health advised that the state would be short over 15,000 ventilators in the event of an influenza pandemic.  Where did Cuomo spend the money that could have gone for those items to be held in reserve?  Would you like to know?  Including access to the 2015 report?  All you have to do is click here

The next one is very disconcerting and it involves the drug hydroxychloroquinine.  It seems that Cuomo signed an executive order that any new prescriptions for this item cannot, that's right, cannot be filled by the local neighborhood pharmacies.  Patients whose doctors are prescribing this can only get the item thru the NYC hospital system.  Huh???  Send these folks down to the already over burdened and over taxed hospitals for something that they can get from their local pharmacy??  Unreal!!!!  If ya wanna read about it just go here

Anyway, it seems like we here in Kansas are living in an area that besides science is also relying on good old fashioned common sense.  Except when it comes to toilet paper and bottled water.

For those who find they need or want a cloth face mask but do not sew, Colin Hanks, Tom Hanks' son has posted a video on Instagram that shows how to do it with a handkerchief and either two hair ties or rubber bands.  Simple, easy and it works.  I tried it.  Take a look here