Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scott's Letter of Resignation - Still Unanswered Questions

OK, let's start now with her actual letter of resignation:

"Carol Gonzales
Shawnee City Manager

March, 19, 2010

I hereby submit my letter of resignation from the Shawnee City Council, to be effective on Tuesday, April 13, 2010. This resignation also applies to the Shawnee Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Johnson County Solid Waste Management Committee

It has been an honor and privilege to represent Shawnee in these capacities.


s/ Cheryl Scott

Cheryl Scott "

So, now what happened at the council meeting on Monday 3/22/10? Councilmember Straub inquired if there was any additional info on a resignation. Mayor Meyers indicated he had no new info. City Manager Gonzales said nothing. Councilmember Scott said nothing.

Huh? According to the changed on line posting of the Shawnee Cheerleader (aka Shawnee Dispatch): "Scott submitted the letter Friday, though the city manager did not have a chance to review it until Monday."

Are they saying that between Friday and Monday, before the council meeting, neither Scott nor Gonzales said anything to the Mayor? If Gonzales knew she had the letter why didn't she answer Straub. Why didn't Scott, having submitted her letter of resignation, say something and answer Straub?

Now, reading Scott's letter what "review" (according to the Dispatch) did the city manager have to do? That letter of resignation seemed to be pretty simple and straightforward. Apparently there is something about simple and straightforward letters that the city manager has trouble understanding.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Who is Playing Games Now?

Is the Shawnee Dispatch playing games?

In my posting of Friday, 3/26 I made it a point to copy|paste a quote from their on line edition.

This is what I showed:

"Scott submitted the letter Monday, though it is dated March 19"

Now, after it has been questioned as to why that fact never came up at the council meeting on Monday, the on line version has been changed to read:

"Scott submitted the letter Friday, though the city manager did not have a chance to review it until Monday."

The question is still there, why wasn't it announced at the meeting Monday night?

Scott Insults Voters of Ward 1

Cheryl Scott apparently doesn't think very much of the voters in Ward 1.

To see what she thinks, read a recent article in the Kansas City Star at http://www.kansascity.com/2010/03/25/1836709/shawnee-councilwoman-resigns-leaving.html

Keep in mind that she bought her new home in Arizona on Nov 25, 2009 and sold her Shawnee home on December 28, 2009. She could have resigned back then, with a delayed effective date, so that her seat could have been put on the April 6th ballot. She has since resigned, and with a delayed date, but too late to go on the ballot for the April 6th election.

Now, here is what what was published in the KC Star:

Scott stressed that the sale on her Shawnee home didn’t close until March 12, and she said she did what she believed was right for the city.

"I felt that the best thing to do was to stay until after the election and let the council appoint my replacement," Scott said.

So, she thinks it is better for the council to select her replacement instead of the voters. Nice going Cheryl.

Did she think it was right for the city for the voters to initially elect her 6 years ago? Did she think it was right for the city that 2 years ago her challenger dropped out, but too late to come off the ballot, and many folks affirmed her for her seat? So why is it not right for the city at this time for the voters to pick her replacement for the council?

Go back to my original post on this subject: http://shawneeray.blogspot.com/2010/01/great-scottis-she-moving.html Did I call this one or not?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Scott's Resignation - Additional Comments

Ya gotta love it. More comments about the Scott resignation.

In an article on line dated Thursday, 3/25/10 (a day after the hard copy was published) the Shawnee Dispatch says "Scott submitted the letter Monday, though it is dated March 19". Did this item make their hard copy edition on Wednesday?

Now this brings up some interesting questions:

1. Why wasn't a public announcement made at the council meeting Monday 3/22/10?
2. Why is there still no mention of it as of this time on the city's website?
3. Was the letter dated the 19th and not submitted until Monday (22nd) because maybe, Scott didn't write it? Did someone in Shawnee write it for her? Was she in Arizona when it was written, and needed to return to Shawnee to sign it before the meeting on the 22nd?

Anybody wanting to answer those questions, please feel free to email me with the answers and I will post them here.

The article in the Dispatch can be read at

See my post just below this one.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scott is Going Bye-Bye! Gee, What a Non-Surprise!

Well, Cheryl Scott has submitted her long overdue resignation, effective 4/13/2010.
My original thoughts on this matter are contained here: http://shawneeray.blogspot.com/2010/01/great-scottis-she-moving.html

There was a follow up here:
which also included a link to an editorial in the Shawnee Dispatch who also called for her resignation way back when.

Now watch the games begin. I smelled a set up in my original post and that odor is still there.

Ms Scott devoted many years to serving the community. It's a shame that she allowed herself to be caught up in this end around maneuver which could result in the voters of Ward 1 not being able to select her replacement.

The council will have two options:
1. Select a replacement within 60 days of the resignation.
2. Allow it to go to a special election.

Because of the obvious machinations that occurred here, this needs to go to the citizens to allow them to choose. Heck, she bought her new house in Arizona in November..........and the Shawnee City Clerk even notarized the documents for her. It was obvious what was happening.

In 1996 Judge Judith Sheindlin wrote a book published by Harper & Collins entitled "Don't Pee On My Leg And Tell Me It's Raining". We've been getting peed on since November.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Citizen Asks for Reports from NLC

At this past Monday's council meeting a resident, Rod Houck got up and made a suggestion.

He suggested that the five folks going to the NLC conference in Washington DC write a few paragraphs about what they accomplished. He indicated that those reports should be published on the city's website and in the Shawnee Dispatch.

I heard the mayor and Council Member Sawyer say that they'd have no problem with that. Didn't hear the other three say anything (City Manager Gonzales, Council Members Kuhn and Sandifer)

It appeared that Kuhn and Sandifer tossed some negative looks at Mr Houck. Guess they weren't too happy with that suggestion. Mr Houck may not have been aware of the fact that a couple of years ago Council Member Straub had made the same suggestion and Kuhn and Sandifer were not happy with it at that time. Also Sandifer still hasn't answered the question about how the funds were spent in Texas for one of his trips. His response, on the record still remains "it's none of your business"..........so why should he file a report about what he does in DC? Yepper Mickey, still waiting for a real answer.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Last Week's F & A Committee Meeting

Yesterday I received an email from the assistant city manager rescheduling my presentation.

I was supposed to give a presentation last Tuesday to the council's F & A Committee.

A couple of hours prior to the meeting's scheduled start time I received an email that the meeting had been cancelled. That happens from time to time.

Did a little digging though to find out what happened. Michelle Distler, the chairperson of the committee had a conflict. A very important conflict. Apparently the Kansas Department of Health and Environment was having a public meeting concerning the environmental clean up of the old Ken Smith Golf Club and factory which apparently has contaminated ground on the property. To her credit, Ms Distler has been involved in this since prior to her ever becoming a member of the Shawnee City Council. On top of that the KDHE originally scheduled the meeting to be held in Topeka which would have been very inconvenient for the Shawnee citizens living in the area, and wishing to attend the meeting. So she got the KDHE to move the meeting to Shawnee.

OK, now that leaves three members of the committee available (two make a quorum). Whoops, another one is out of the picture.......Cheryl Scott. Did she cancel out even before Ms Distler?
Apparently so. What was the reason for her not being able to make it? When I asked Distler if she knew why Scott wasn't going to be there , she didn’t know. Was she in her new home in Arizona? Commuting only for council meetings and not committee meetings? Would be interesting to find out.

OK, now that leaves two of the committee members. Aparently after hearing that Distler & Scott were not going to be there, Goode who was already at city hall cancelled out. So that unfortunately caused a late cancellation of the meeting and for my presentation to be postponed until the April 20th, Public Works and Safety Committee. Come to that meeting if you’re interested in hearing it.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Another Case of Voter Apathy

I have sent the following as a letter to the editor of the Shawnee Dispatch. If it gets published then hopefully more folks than those who read this blog will read it:

The voters of Ward 3 in Shawnee should be ashamed of themselves regrding the recent primary election.

Not because of the outcome, but because of their total, apathetic attitude.

The ward has approximately 11,000 voters registered and only 839 bothered to vote. That is less than 8% voter turn out.

Oh, they turn out for the presidential election......big darn deal. The president doesn't fix your pot holes, plow your streets, provide you with police and fire protection. The president doesn't set local property taxes, zoning laws and a host of other items that affect us daily.

The really sad part is that it is so much easier to vote in elections now than years ago. There is early physcial voting. There are mail in ballots (and you don't have to be disabled to obtain one).

Voting in an election allows a person to voice their opinion on what they want done in their community. Sitting on their collective rear ends and not voting is a relinquishment of that privilege and shows a willingness to accept whatever is thrown their way.

Too many of America's finest have continuously given of themselves to maintain the privilege of voting.To sit on your butts and not do so is an insult to them.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Other Election

This past Tuesday voters in 3 Johnson County cities went to the polls. One ward each in Shawnee & Prairie Village had primaries.

The interesting election was down in Gardner. Two sitting council members faced recall elections. Recall elections are not common in JoCo. In this case the people spoke and the two council members have been recalled.

For more information about that recall go to http://www.gardnerrecall.org/

City council members in all cities need to realize that they are serving subject to the will of the people.

Hmmmmm................gives me an idea.................. :-) :-)

Monday, March 01, 2010

Upcoming National League of Cities

In a couple of weeks some members of the city council will go to Washington DC for the annual National League of Cities conference. There can be some good that come out of these things.

Let's take a trip back in time to last year. Because of the city's financial situation,, only four people were scheduled to go. Two council members, the city manager and the mayor. In reality only three went because of a problem with the flight for one of the council members.

This year we have five people scheduled to go. The city manager, the mayor, and three council members: Sawyer, Sandifer and Kuhn.

Now if I understood what was said at the last council meeting only the mayor and councilmember Sawyer are leaving here on Sunday. That's good. The other three are apparently leaving on Friday.

Well, with the city's finances being what they are why are 5 people going?

Here are my suggestions:

1. Reduce the number of people going to four. With all the travel that Sandifer has done in the past twelve months he can stay home. Especially since he apparently thinks it's "none of your business" to explain the costs of his trip to Texas.

2. Have the remaining four leave on Sunday.

3. Let council member Sawyer and the mayor double up on a room and the city manager and council member Kuhn can do the same thing.

The city would then save a bunch on hotel nights and per diem costs(by both reducing the number of nights and using double rooms) and, by leaving here on Sunday, that would cut down on both even more.

If you agree with me email the mayor at JMeyers@CI.Shawnee.KS.US
and cc me at shawneeray@gmail.com

If you don't agree with me, then don't do anything.