Sunday, July 30, 2017

Vaught's Hypocrisy Rears Its Ugly Head, Again

Vaught has a history of hypocrisy............and it's all on the record.  How about the times he has tried to eliminate or reduce citizen talking times at council meetings.  Or when he did not want full transcript minutes brought back.

Try this:  Go back to when the council first discussed the remodeling of the city council chambers.  Another member of the council said that the price tag ($263,000) was the equivalent of buying a house.  Vaught said it was, if you wanted to live in a shack.  It is almost impossible to count how many times Vaught has regaled folks with what he paid for his house and why he built it there etc etc etc

Now, here is the kicker.  In July of 2016 he pushed for an increase in property taxes.  But not necessarily for him.  For a person who says folks are willing to pay more in taxes for increased services he apparently did not include himself.  Approximately six months later he appealed his property taxes, and did get a reduction.  The JoCo Appraiser's Office has the records (they are public).

Bounce this guy out of the primary on Tuesday 8/1, just like he got bounced in the mayoral primary two years ago.  Ironically, he couldn't even carry Ward 3 in that primary.  Folks must have realized what kind of a disaster he would be as mayor.  He is now a disaster as a council member.

My pick: Dave Myres

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Brandon Kenig Speaks - Hip Waders Needed

If you believe the literature he has put out, he is the most fantastic person to ever serve on the city council, and all in two years, to a position he was appointed not elected to.

He touts how he has been supportive of the hiring of new police officers.  Well, it's hard not to be supportive when the federal government is paying for most of them under a grant that the city received.

Likewise, he touts how he has been supportive of the hiring of new firemen.  Well golly gee, when you plan to spend $4 million on a new fire station (with funds from a mill levy increase) it would be foolish not to support the hiring of personnel to staff it and the corresponding equipment.

Again, he is a bobble head.  He'll nod in agreement with whatever a citizen says, not giving any indication that he doesn't agree with what is being said, and then go the other way.

Tuesday, at the primary for Ward 4, vote for Tony Noble..............he will truly listen.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Voting Choices for Tuesday's Primary 8/1/17

OK, my choices:

Ward 3:  Dave least he will show respect to other members of the council and to the public.

Ward 4:  Tony Noble................he won't be a bobble head making you think he agrees with what you say.

SMSD At Large:  Fabian Shepard..........some good old fashioned common sense and a strong conservative philosophy

Saturday, July 22, 2017

100° Temps and Jeff Vaught Blows More Hot Air

To fully understand and comprehend what I am about to say it is necessary to read this portion of Jeff Vaught's recent mailer to the voters of Shawnee's Ward 3.

So, here it is, in his words, not mine.  Then I will explain why I am calling it hot air. (Click on the image to see a larger version)

Unbelievable......Jeff Vaught the master of bombastic bovine scatology does it again.  His comments about his opponents are, in a way funny and ironic.  He asks what city boards and commissions have they served on.  Well, what boards and commissions did he serve on before getting elected?  Do I hear a "nada"?  He claims that by two of them signing up to run they have created a primary for the voters of Ward 3.  Well, when he first ran he did the same thing.  Also, when he ran he said he'd bring civility to the council.  Heck he is the most abrasive member of the council towards his fellow council members and to members of the public.  Oh, and BTW Jeff, Dave has attended some council meetings.  You yourself didn't start going to them until you filed to run. 
He wants to know what record they have of civic involvement.  This coming from a man who shirked his responsibility to defend his country.  Civic involvement?  Dave Myres served his country first as an NCO then as a decorated army captain.  To me that is civic involvement.  One of Dave's assignments was as the OIC for the Ft. Bliss Funeral Detail where he supervised over 35 military funerals.  We know how important that is to the families.  And now he is associated with the Children's Ministry at the Westside Family Church.  Isn't that civic involvement?
What kind of civic involvement has Vaught been involved with, prior to his election?  Well, he did relocate his business from KCK to Shawnee after his election.  Gee, did he perhaps do that so as to maybe utilize his position to promote his business.  I mean, he is always telling us at council meetings (ad nauseum) that he is in commercial real estate (that's on the record).  Wonder, just how does he rank with other commercial real estate folks in the metro area?  Well, check out his web site and decide for yourself just how influential he is in the commercial real estate market.  Has he ever been a principal player or participant in any major (define that as $10 million plus) project in the metro area? 
It's time to remove Jeff  "The Arrogant One" from the council.  Vote for Dave Myres in the primary on Tuesday, August 1, 2017.  There is also the opportunity for advance voting.  Check out the info at the county election office web site by clicking here  Also note that there has been a change in the voting location in Shawnee Ward 3 Precinct 7.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Three Reasons NOT to Vote for Brandon Kenig - Ward 4

There are IMHO, three good reasons NOT to vote for Brandon Kenig in the Ward 4 primary.

What are these reasons?

1.  State Rep Tom Cox
2.  State Rep Shelee Brim
3.  State Rep Linda Gallagher

You might ask, huh?   OK, it is easy to explain.  These three state reps have all endorsed Kenig.  They are listed as such on his mailed campaign literature. These three are apparently anti-second amendment state legislators.  Ergo, since they endorse Kenig it would be safe to say he in turn supports them (a little quid pro quo?).  As a ward 4 resident I don't want somebody to represent me on the city council who supports anti-second amendment state legislators.

If you would like a complete explanation of why I say they are anti-second amendment (and completely lacking in common sense) click here to read more.  Also, Cindy Neighbor was added to that group, read it here.

Let's elect as a council person an individual who will truly care about the people, and who, unlike Kenig, will not become a puppet for the city manager (Kenig, seems to have forgotten who works for who).  That person would be Tony Noble

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Belmont Promenade Public Hearing-Another Perspective

Mike Frizzell posted the item below on his Facebook page.  He also linked to a KC Star article about this project which can be found here.  It is ironic that with two public hearings on Monday, the Belmont Project and the budget, that the Shawnee "not fit for bird cage liner" Dispatch did not have a presence.

Interesting on how those young people might have been used. 

Can't say this surprises me.
"About a dozen teenagers stood at the back of the packed chamber for the full two hours, expressing support for closer jobs, restaurant and shopping options.
One of them, Ben Snyder, said later he organized the group to help family friend, Steve Beaumont, who owns the land to be developed. “It will definitely affect us now and 20 years from now,” Snyder said."
The council didn't see the mirage and it didn't sit right with me. Now, thanks to a freelancer for the Kansas City Star, the truth comes out.
You're not getting all of these teenagers to stand around and pretend to want to attend a city council meeting for two hours without some kind of incentive or requirement. One of the teenage speakers gave a KCK address when it was her turn to speak...
I've regularly attended Shawnee City Council meetings for more than two years now. On the rare occasion that there are more than four members of the public in the audience, they're usually there because there is something specific to their neighborhood on the agenda or it's a small group of teenagers who are there because of a school requirement.
I sat through Monday's meeting with four teenagers in the row in front of me. All four ignored at least 80% of the 45 minute presentation put on by a city contractor about the proposed TIF and CID.
As soon as it was time for public comment, their eyeballs left their phones and they were all too eager to comment.
Their concerns were eerily vague. There was mention of not being able to find jobs in Shawnee. Where are you looking for a job that you can't find a better option than driving to downtown KC or the Legends?
Also interesting how the Legends kept getting mentioned, as that's one of the current shopping centers owned by this development group... #JustSaying
To name a few businesses in Shawnee who are currently hiring; Walmart, Target, Hy-Vee, and just about every fast food establishment in town. Not to mention Amazon just a short drive away in Lenexa. Amazon has seasonal work starting at $11.50/hour. Good luck finding that kind of pay at anything retail.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Ward 3 Threesome

As we get closer to the primary election (8/1) I feel it necessary to comment some more about the three candidates for the Shawnee Ward 3 council seat.  Remember, the top two will move on to the general election in November.

Well, let's look at Justin Adrian.  In an article in the Shawnee Dispatch he stated “As a teacher, I make dozens of decisions every day,” he said. “I have a fresh, young perspective and problem solving skills.”

Which one of those decisions was the one he made to go to the Democratic National Convention as a Hillary Clinton delegate, the witch of Benghazi?  More info on that here

Then we've got the incumbent, Jeff Vaught who never served his country.  Amazing, my oldest served in Operation Desert Storm.  Jeff "The Arrogant One" is about 4 years older than my son.  So, if he went into the service at the same age as my son he would have been out (like many others) before the Gulf War.  But at least he would have served.

And then we have Dave Myres. He entered the military as an enlisted person and eventually left as a decorated Army Captain.

So, who do you want to represent you in Ward 3?  A person who supported a candidate who didn't care about American lives?  A shirker who let others serve to protect our country?  Or a patriot who did his duty for us?

I know which one that this old Vietnam Vet  would choose.  If you guessed Myres you're right.
Myres would give Ward 3 the representation it deserves.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Brandon Kenig Is Misleading Folks

Brandon Kenig, candidate for Ward 4 council rep in Shawnee was recently interviewed by the Shawnee Dispatch, click here to read

In the article he apparently told the interviewer:

While on the city council, he supported the hiring of seven new police officers and 17 new firefighters, the building of the new fire station in northwest Shawnee and the purchase of new equipment for the police department, such as body cameras for officers.

Well, a council repo can't help but to support items that are being paid for with outside grant money.  Like five of those police officers and the body cameras. Duhhhhhhhh.............