Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sayonara and Good Luck to Stephen Powell

Stephen Powell, Shawnee's City Clerk will be leaving to become the Assistant Clerk to the Johnson County Commissioners.

I'd like to personally wish Stephen the best in his new endeavor. He has always been most helpful and knowledgable when asked for information pertaining to the city.

He appears to have a very promising future in governmental administration.

Good luck.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't Be Like Olathe - Beware of CIDs

The City of Olathe approved a CID (Community Improvement District) for use at the Great Mall of the Great Plains.

See the story at

If folks remember, some people in Shawnee wanted to try that at 10 Quivira Plaza (Shawnee Mission Parkway & Quivira Rd).

Here's the difference.............10 Quivira Plaza is a neighborhood shopping center with the primary merchant being a grocery store. The Great Mall of the Great Plains is located near 151st St & I-35. It's a destination shopping center and would derive most of its money from transient as opposed to neighborhood customers. Exactly what a CID is designed to do.

Be on the look out for some folks to try and resurrect the idea of a CID for 10 Quivira Plaza. Let's not put an extra tax burden on the folks that need to shop there. These are folks that don't exactly live in the highest income area of the city.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dispatch Didn't Report on Volunteer Presentation

Wow, what happened to the Shawnee Dispatch?

Both staff and a private citizen apparently put in quite a bit of time and effort for the committee presentation on 9/7.

Naturally, with that being a Tuesday it would be too late for the Dispatch to have an article for 9/8/10. But what about the 9/15/10 edition?

It was mentioned to me that there was quite a bit of discussion about this item at the committee meeting with various pro and con comments being made. Naturally, for those of us who could not attend we will have to wait for the minutes and/or the audio CD.

But what happened to the local media reporting on this? I was told that the item was tabled and is not going to the full council at this time, but, don't the citizens of Shawnee deserve to be informed of what transpired? Especially with all the effort that was put into the presentation?
It's not like the Dispatch is covering the happenings in Congress or the UN. I always thought that the Dispatch's primary function was to report about Shawnee happenings.

Or, did somebody not want the information in the press? Considering I was told the meeting lasted almost two hours it seems real strange that nothing has been mentioned about it.

Something to ponder.........................

I'm Baaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, doc is letting me go back to work come Monday.

Some folks have asked exactly what happened.

I'll keep it short and quick.............developed a case of cellulitis. Leg swelled up, foot looked like a football, pain all over the place. Then we had two additional problems. A blister which needed to be lanced first and some bleeding under the skin. Both areas needed debridement. So, that creates two open wounds.

So, when I hit the streets Monday the wounds are still being treated, but the cellulitis is gone.

Anyway, to those who expressed well wishes, thank you.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Use of Volunteers in Shawnee

Unfortunately I was unable to attend last week's F & A Committee meeting. Still home recuperating. Hopefully will be released soon by the doctors.........this is draggy.

Anyway, not having been at the meeting I was unable to hear what comments were being made. The presentation that is on line gives some info but not the "give and take".

Personally, I can see where volunteers can be helpful. And, like any other project there will be certain pitfalls. In general I would be more in favor than against as long as certain guidelines are met.

Again not being able to hear what the committee members said, I'm not sure where they stand. Hopefully I will be able to attend the council meeting when this item comes up, so as to hear others' views and possibly to express my own.

Sidebar: See post below, the city changed the number of elected officials to 5. Good job

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Did We Win One?

Wow, did we win one?

Let's set the stage. On August 9, 2010 I suggested the council post on the city's web site who would be going out of town on convention trips. The reason for that is that the council was apparently not keeping with its own policy of announcing at a meeting who would be going. My suggestion was not met favorably by many of the council members

Now on August 23, 2010 Dawn Kuhn got the policy removed requiring the council to announce at a meeting their travel plans.

I haven't really been surfacing the web that much. Resting and recuperating. Got an email from an individual and they suggested I go to :

What I found is shown below. Looks like maybe we won one.

In November, six of Shawnee's elected officials will travel to the National League of Cities (NLC) Congress of Cities Conference in Denver,Colorado.

Mayor Jeff Meyers, Councilmembers Jim Neighbor, Neal Sawyer, Jeff Vaught and Mickey Sandifer, along with City Manager Carol Gonzales will attend the 2010 Congress of Cities and Exposition and have the opportunity to attend more than 20 workshops on topics critical to municipalities. The meetings also offer over 20 leadership training seminars, and opportunities to view model programs and ask questions of the city staff who implemented them.

Over 4,000 municipal leaders will descend upon Denver for a one-of-a kind learning opportunity. Those who attend the 2010 Congress of Cities and Exposition can expect to return to Shawnee with fresh ideas, proven solutions and a new network of experts to call friends.

Keep an eye on the City's website on a report back from elected officials that attend the conference.

Sidebar: Correction needed...........six elected officials are not going. Only 5..........the city manager is an appointed position. :-) :-)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Don't Get Sick

I fully intended to attend the council meeting of Monday Aug 23, 2010. Wasn't feeling very well so I stayed home. Tuesday morning I wound up in SMMC where I stayed until last Saturday. Have been home recuperating since and will be doing so for about another week. Hopefully I will be up and running around by then.

Anyway, my time on the web has been curtailed. So this will be brief. It appears that Kuhn & Kumpany have effectively thrown out one of the last vestiges of transparency that the citizens had....the requirement for council members to announce ahead of time at a meeting their planned out of town travel.

Wish I had been there................there are other ways to handle the situation.......and they will be done.

More when I'm feling better.