Sunday, September 30, 2018

Is Justin Adrian Morally Deficient?

Heck of a question.  First, we will say that, according to our justice system Mr. Adrian is innocent of the charges of having sex with a student until proven guilty (or he cops a plea).

Let's look at some items that will come up if he is guilty.  He was married in October 2015.  Three years ago.  If the charges are true then he cheated on his spouse.  Committed adultery.  Will his spouse stand by him?  Or will his spouse toss him to the curb?

What about the folks who supported Mr. Adrian in his campaign to represent Shawnee's Ward III on the city council?  What about DeSoto School Board member Kevin Makalous.  Does he feel betrayed?  As a member of a school board he must have some feelings about this situation. Or how about State Rep Shelee Brim?  Does she feel betrayed?  I invite them to send me any comments they might have, and I will post them here.  The below is for info regarding these two individuals and their support of Mr. Adrian in the last election.  Click on the image to enlarge it to make it easier to read.

And what about those folks who contributed money to his campaign?  Like the JoCo Democrat Organization and their central committee.  Or what about the other two city council members who were elected at the same time, Matt Zimmerman and Lindsey Constance.  Both contributed to Adrian's campaign.  And Constance is a teacher.  And there are others.  FYI, the list of donors is public record.

And we can't forget a former failed candidate for the Kansas State House, Marlys Shulda.  JoCo records show multiple campaign contributions to Adrian, But, in addition to that, she sent a letter to the Shawnee Dispatch which got published 10/30/17 on line and in the hard copy on 11/1.  Her letter can be read here.  There was a time when my favorite bird cage liner would not publish letters endorsing or criticizing candidates the week before the election.  Why?  Because the Dispatch is a weekly bird cage liner and that would not leave time for a response. In all fairness to all candidates, when the bird cage liner was a real newspaper they would have cutoffs for those kinds of letters.  What could I do?  No choice but to publish an open letter to Ms. Shulda on this blog.  That blog post can be viewed by clicking here.

Maybe some of you who donated to his campaign can get a refund?  Nahhh, not possible.  But, I would be especially interested in hearing from those in the education profession (active or retired) who donated to him.  BTW, that does include current Ward IV Representative Lindsey

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Justin Adrian Booked Into JoCo County Jail

Justin Adrian, former councilman in Shawnee's Ward 3 was booked this afternoon into the JoCo County Jail. 

Booking information can be found at this link.  Note:  as additional individuals are booked the info will drop down and after 8 days will drop off.  For those wanting to search court records the case number is18CR02618.

He has been charged with a felony; unlawful sexual relations.  Bail has been set at $250,000.

The KC Star has additional info at this link.  Some of the additional info is that he has resigned his teacher's position but it is not official until accepted at the next school board meeting (10/6/18).

Thursday, September 20, 2018

How Will Adrian's Seat be Filled

Guess what?  There is a new, hybrid method for filling a vacant council seat.  This will all be brought out at the Council Committee meeting on Tuesday Oct 2 at city hall, 11110 Johnson Drive at 7:00PM.  If you are really interested you will attend.  Also, there is an opportunity speak.

If you can't attend you can listen to the streaming audio. by going here and clicking on "Listen Live - Audio Streaming"

The documents governing the process are:

Charter Ordinance 45

Policy Statement 71

Click on the above to read the corresponding item.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Olathe East Principal's Note Re: Justin Adrian

OK, so we know that the Olathe School District placed Justin Adrian on administrative leave and that he subsequently resigned as a Shawnee city councilman.

But, what did the principal of Olathe East HS tell the parents?  That info is contained in an article in the Kansas City Star

This is what it says: 
A note was sent home to parents of Adrian’s students by Olathe East principal Kerry Lane.
“I wanted to make you aware that Mr. Adrian, your child’s Social Studies teacher, will not be returning to Olathe East,” the message stated. “We have an outstanding substitute in place currently and will be looking to name a permanent teacher as quickly as possible.” Prior to the election I indicated that Mr. Adrian was not my choice for city council.  His political philosophy, IMHO, stunk.  He was proud to have attended the DNC as a delegate for Hillary "the witch  of Benghazi" Clinton.  I found that to be abhorrent. One can only ask at this point what did he do for the school district to take the action it has?  What did he do that has caused him to resign from the city council?

Read more here:

Monday, September 17, 2018

Justin Adrian - Smarmy & Arrogant

An interesting thing happened at a council meeting about 1-1/2 to 2 months ago.  While addressing the council, I was asked by Justin Adrian about my residential address.  He wanted to confirm that it was an apartment.  The answer was yes.

After the meeting, outside of city hall I asked him why he was interested in the fact that I lived in an apartment.  Here it comes......shades of another arrogant former council member..........he replied (in a very haughty arrogant manner) that whenever I talk about mill levies, property taxes etc. that they didn't affect me because as an apartment renter I did not pay property taxes.  Fortunately, another council member (Eric Jenkins) was outside and he helped me to educate Adrian.  Apartment renters most definitely do pay property taxes.  We just don't get a separate receipt, nor can we deduct them from our tax filings.  No owner of an apartment complex is going to let tenants skate on property taxes.  Rent is adjusted to include them.  Whenever a lease comes up for renewal, or a new tenant takes over, the rent includes ownership expenses, which includes property taxes.

For the heck of it, when I got home I actually researched it specifically for the complex I live in.  The most recent tax bill for this complex is over $300,000.  Is the ownership going to "gift" that to the tenants?  Not quite.  Since a renter only has exclusive use of their apartment, the sq. ft. charge could exceed that of some home owners, since they have exclusive use of their homes, front yards, backyards, etc.

Anyway, I laid it out in an email, sent it to him and he did apologize. Whether the apology was genuine, who knows.

Here's the part that gets me.  He is (or was) a social studies teacher.  Can't remember if he has an advanced degree (masters?) He ran and won an election for city council.  And yet, he didn't even understand the basics of property taxes. 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Justin Adrian's Letter of Resignation

Below is a copy of the letter of resignation submitted by former councilmember Justin Adrian.  According to the Shawnee Dispatch he is on administrative leave from the Olathe School District.  Is he or is he not under investigation by the Olathe PD?

The question needs to be asked again.  Why did he resign?  Did he do something that would bring disgrace to himself?  The city?  The Olathe School District?
Sidebar:  It doesn't mean much, but it does show that Adrian, does not understand government protocols.  And he's a history teacher.  Ha!!  The letter should have been addressed to the Mayor as the titular head of the city and the head of the governing body.  The city manager, as an employee of the city, subordinate to the governing body, should have been listed last.

Justin Adrian Lied to the Voters

Yesterday, after only serving eight months of a four year term, Justin Adrian resigned from the Shawnee City Council representing Ward 3.  It is my understanding that he gave no reason for his resignation which was effective immediately.

So, why do I say he lied to the voters.  That's easy.
He said if elected he would serve them on the council.  He lied.  He quit.
They believed him, so they elected him.  He lied.  He quit.
He broke his contract with the voters, with no explanation.
He owes the voters of Ward 3 an explanation as to why he quit on them.
He owes the folks who got out and helped with his campaign an explanation as to why he quit.
He owes the folks who contributed to his campaign to cover the costs an explanation as to why he quit.

So, let's hear it from the quitter.  Justin Adrian issue a statement as to why you let all of these folks down.  Why did you resign?