Sunday, November 08, 2009

To Approve or Not To Approve....that is the question

Once in awhile council rep Kevin Straub comes up with some good questions.. Problem is they don't always get least in a timely manner.

On the agenda at each council meeting is always an item to review and approve the semi-monthly expenditures.

Straub wanted to know what would happen if the council didn't automatically approve the expenditures. It was a valid question since, by the time the item has come to the council the checks have already been issued and sent out. He wanted to know would we ask for the checks to be returned? He wanted to know then, why does the council have to approve this item (more or less rubber stamp). Why not just review the item with no action?

Personally, I see it two ways:

1. If the council has to approve these items then the checks need to be held until the approval is given. Could be interesting like when a council meeting is cancelled like the 10/26/09 one.

2. These items have basically already gone thru a delegated approval process. Large items have been approved by individual council actions. So, why this approval process?

Personally, I'd be leaning towards item 2 above.............but then what do I know?
Whatever the answer is, methinks it is time for Kevin to be given the info. What is taking so long? Is it so difficult to be be researched or is he being deliberately stonewalled?

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