Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Another Voice Concerning the Woodsonia Project

Mike Frizzell has a very interesting item posted on his Facebook page.  Mike has been attending most council and council committee meetings for quite some time now and even planning commission and parks board.

It's nice to see a member of the younger generation getting involved.  Check out his post at

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Six Councilmembers Condone Deception by Developer

Six of our illustrious councilpersons voted last Monday 12/9 to condone developer deception by voting to go ahead with the changes for Westbrooke Green (75th and Quivira).

Who were these six that condoned the developer's lies and deceit?: Stephanie Meyer, Jim Neighbor, Mickey Sandifer, Matt Zimmerman, Lisa Larson-Bunnell and Lindsey Constance. Three of them (Meyer, Sandifer and Neighbor) won't even be on the council past the first meeting in January. Only councilmembers Eric Jenkins and Mike Kemmling saw through the nonsense proposed by the developer.

Suffice it to say that the plan presented last Monday was a substantial change in what was proposed two years ago. The developer could not come through with his promises of retail, fine dining and a complete demolition of the exisiting structures. He still can't come up with retail and his dining experiences appear to be all fast food with drive up windows. His response to that was that because of delivery services like Grub Hub restaurants were going to be required to have drive ups (his statement at the 11/20 community meeting). Two years ago he promised to move Pizza Street to a different part of the center after changing the make up of the buildings. Can't do it. They still have about 6 years on their lease. He knew that two years ago. Deception!!!! Mi Pueblito has a "long, long time" left on theirs. He knew that going in two years ago. Where is the 24,000 sq ft grocery store? Ain't a-gonna happen!!! More deception!!!

At the council meeting I showed some of the pix that were on the developer's web site of the original plans. The pix were taken from the site a week before the meeting. When the agenda packet showed that info, the web site came down. For two years they were still telling the public about the original plans. Their billboard signs at the center still show images of their original plans.

Probably the only group that is moderately happy with the change in plans are the neighbors near the perimeter since the number of apartments is being reduced. Oh, they have gone from "luxury" to "market value".

What is this costing the city? The TIF money which we won't see. The 1.5% CID tax that goes back to the devlopers (bringing any sales tax in the center to over 11%). And the city is even giving up its 1% base sales tax to the developer. What covers added city services because of the center?

Sidebar: With the departure of Mickey Sandifer who has repeatedly made some of the dumbest comments from the dais who will take his place as dumb statement guru? My money is on Lindsey Constance!!!!