Thursday, June 27, 2013

WARNING!!!!!! Read at Your Own Risk

WARNING!!!!!  Please be advised that according to the city manager of Shawnee, KS, local blogs may contain bad or misinformation.  That is part of the justification she is using to create a new public information officer position which could cost up to $70K per year.

Therefore, when you read anything on this blog, remember, the information here may be bad or created to misinform.  It is suggested that people take the information here and do their own research to verify or disprove any of the statements contained herein.

We realize that we are not like the mayor, the city manager, or certain members of the city council. These folks never provide bad or misinformation to the public.  The information provided by them is always accurate, spot on and never misleading.  Hmmmm, I wonder if this last paragraph would be considered bad or misinformation?  :-)    :-)

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Keep 'Em in the Dark...............

Keep who in the dark?  Well, the people of Shawnee, that's who. 

Now, why do I say this? last week's committee meeting the agenda packets again (as usual) did not include all the info. 

See, what happens is the city posts an agenda packet on line, and then the same thing is available at city hall before the meeting.  But, not all of the info is in there.  The full spectrum of information which is going to be discussed with the documents is left off.  In this case, it was more items concerning the proposed budget.  Very similar situation as to the one I posted about on 5/26 below entitled "Open Government???  Yeah Right!!!!" (scroll down to read it if you'd like).

Now, sometimes the info is included in the minutes packet, after the fact, and that can be weeks after the meeting.

I'm waiting to hear councilmember Jeff Vaught start pontificating about how the city received an award for open government.  If one reads the basis for that, it concerns mostly a web site with links to certain items.............but it does not include a review of the completeness of those items or their depth.  Part of this was covered in my post of 9/14/2012 "Shedding Light on Sunshine Review"  The city got its high rating just when the topic of going back to full meeting minutes came up for a vote. It's also interesting, that as a result of a KORA request, we found out that there was a flurry of emails back and forth for a few days preceding that award, (and the vote on the minutes) with the city pushing to see what it had to do to upgrade its rating.  Coincidental, huh?

OK, this is probably going to be one of the posts that the city manager will probably label as bad or misleading information.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kuhn Critical of Other Councilmembers for Asking Questions About Budget

On June 4, 2013 at a council committee meeting (regarding the budget) in Shawnee KS there was an item on the budget that two council members asked for clarification. It involved spending at least $5,000 for dental work on a new police dog that cost $15,000. One councilmember (Michelle Distler) was curious if that money could be recouped from the dealer. Most special bred dogs come with some form of medical guarantee. The other councilmember, (Dr. Mike Kemmling), a dentist, was curious as to exactly what type of work was done. Two simple questions, yet Dawn Kuhn thought her fellow council members shouldn't be asking these questions.  The two councilmembers who asked the questions did so in a very polite, respectful manner.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shawnee Citizen Police Academy 2013

The Shawnee Police Department will be holding their next Citizen Police Academy from Sep 5 to Nov 14.  Sessions will be on Thursday evenings except for two Saturdays.

This is a wonderful opportunity for citizens to find out more about what our PD does.  Individuals have to be over 18 and preference is given to individuals who either live or work within Shawnee as the class size is limited to 20.

More information is available at


An on line application is available at

I personally attended the academy in 2012 and was impressed with the way the classes were conducted.  We were also given information as to what an individual has to do to become a police officer in Shawnee.  Very informative. 

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Sunday, June 02, 2013

New Forum Set Up

We have set up a new forum at

We tried this about 4 years ago but some of the posts were downright nasty. That is not the concept. Vulgarity will not be accepted.

Anybody can read this forum. But to post a comment an individual needs to register. Folks may choose a screen name rather than using their own name. Also, if they do not want to use their identifiable email addresses then I would suggest getting a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo type of email address. You will need that to obtain access code info.