Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Fourth Fire Station? Yes, We Need It.

At the 9/8/15 council committee a list of projects was presented to the council members for prioritization.

One item that caught my eye was a new fire station (to be station 74) for western Shawnee, most likely in the northwest area.

Where the council puts it in the prioritization is yet to be determined.  Personally, I feel that this is an item that needs to be looked at sooner rather than later.  Growth in Shawnee has been phenomenal in that part of the city.

As a result, response times have become slower than what would be optimum. Minutes become important, both in saving property and in saving lives.  A fire spreads exponentially.  Basically it doubles every minute.  A fire that covers 100 sq. ft. becomes 200 sq. ft. one minute later, 400 sq. ft. the next minute etc.  With regards to individuals in need of medical care, I don't think we have to mention how important it is to get that care to them as quickly as possible. Especially for strokes, heart attacks and/or traumatic injuries, sooner is always better.

A side benefit could possibly be better ratings for home owners insurance.

Contact your council representatives.  Get more information on this item and urge them to bring it to fruition sooner rather than later.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Reminder - Third Thursday With the Mayor 9/17/15

Tomorrow is the third Thursday of September (9/17/15) and folks can meet and interact with Mayor Michelle Distler.

No previous mayor has ever undertaken a program like this.  Citizen input with elected officials is very important.

More info can be found here

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Never Forget 9/11

Tomorrow is the 14th Anniversary since the carnage of 9/11.  It is a day that is now known as Patriot Day.

Please...............never forget.

Monday, September 07, 2015

New Action on Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

On this coming Wednesday, 9/9/15 the Planning Commission will hear proposals to place electric vehicle charging stations at two Wal-Mart locations.  One set at the facility near SMP and Maurer and the other set at the Neighborhood Market at Nieman and 74th Street.

Now these locations make sense, unlike the plan that was tabled back in May to place charging stations at city hall and the justice center.

Use of the charging stations at commercial locations means that people who have those types of vehicles can shop while their vehicles are being charged up.  A lot different than just sitting in the city hall parking lot, doing nothing, for possibly hours.

Whether the owners of the vehicles have to pay for the service or if Wal-Mart picks up the charges (as an advertising/customer relations activity) is immaterial.  This still makes more sense than the city (all taxpayers) paying for it at city hall/justice center as advocated by Jeff "The Arrogant One" Vaught.  The taxpayers of the city do not need to subsidize the "refueling" of these vehicles that in reality not everyone can even buy because of the costs. 

If a retailer and/or shopping center owner wants to absorb the costs, well, that is a business decision.  Just like when they put items in their stores on sale.  If Vaught and Neighbor (another advocate for the city to pick up costs) get smart they'll let the commercial/retail segment of the city take care of the placement of these items.

Anyway, I hope the two items on the Planning Commission agenda regarding Wal-Mart and the charging stations moves forward.

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Friday, September 04, 2015

Support Your Local PD

The recent increase in physical attacks (including homicides) on police officers across the country bothers the heck out of me.

So I ask, have you ever said thank you to a member of law enforcement?  And not just when they have done something that affects you, but just for the heck of it.  If you happen to be around and see an officer pumping gas, grabbing a snack or a meal, just go up to them and say "thank you".  It takes two seconds but you'd be surprised at what those two little words will mean to them.

Here in Shawnee we are fortunate to have a pretty gosh darned good PD.  Let them know they are appreciated

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Down Town Coffee House

Ya gotta love this fairly new business in Shawnee located at 11101 Johnson Drive, in the same building as Dodge City Beef.

First, it is owned by an Army vet, Drew Thornton, who has served multiple tours over in the sand box.  Next, it is a neat place to grab a coffee, or a breakfast or a lunch.  They serve lunch every day, but Tuesdays and Thursdays are "Brats and Burgers" day.  Found that out last week when I went in for a cup of coffee, decaf Irish Cream.  Good brats.

Food was good, price is right and the atmosphere if ya decide to stay and eat there is relaxing.  They also deliver. 

Check out the wall he is setting up for locals who have served.