Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wishes of the Season

Want to wish all those who read this blog the best of the season.  A Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.

It doesn't look like we will get one this year, but we can always dream

Friday, December 18, 2015

Shawnee Leads The Way at Police Academy Graduation

Last night the 116th Class of the Johnson County Regional Police Academy graduated and its members are now certified law enforcement officers in the State of Kansas.

What was really nice was that Shawnee really led the way, starting with our police department's honor guard presenting the Colors.  And Captain Ben Mendoza's daughter, Alyssa was the vocalist who performed the National Anthem.

Then our own Captain Mitch Brim was the keynote speaker.  Very inspirational.

And on top of that Officer Derek Miller, one of four Shawnee graduates of the academy last night, was chosen by his peers to be the class spokesperson.

The new officers will now undergo department specific training and then field training with veteran officers (FTOs).

Let's wish the new "rookies" the best in their careers.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Apartment Saga Brings Out the Worst in Some

The Vantage at Shawnee Apartments are still in limbo.  I have a few things I'd like to say about this past Monday's council meeting and it has nothing to do with whether or not the project is good for Shawnee.

It has to do with some of the side events that took place.  Any long term reader of this blog knows how I feel about citizen participation/input at these meetings.  It was my suggestion that got PS-7 modified to allow additional public input.  I feel that I had something to do with the city going back to full minutes of council meetings rather than the abbreviated ones we had for a short period.

I just feel that some, not all, but some of the folks that were against the project acted like a bunch of immature hood rats.  Tough analysis.  But, IMHO, true.  When they got up to speak they spoke.  When folks got up to speak in favor of the project they were met with heckling and other negative displays.  One immature idiot was seen to be mouthing obscenities at the mayor.  Threats of physical violence were voiced against proponents of the project, and against the mayor. 

Now there is a rumor going around that some of these folks want to show up at tomorrow's Third Thursday With the Mayor just to be disruptive.  Total lack of class.  They have spoken at a planning commission meeting, at a city council meeting, and when it comes back to the council am sure they will be there then.  The third Thursdays are not necessarily designed for that.  If they do show up, and are disruptive, they will be doing a disservice to their fellow citizens who are there for its intended purpose.

So some of these self righteous folks who have on occasion belittled the types of individuals who live in apartments are actually showing that they are pretty low life themselves.  Decent people can live in private residences and apartments.  The same goes for low life's.

One additional comment about Monday's meeting.  The hired gun (attorney) for the developer came across as an arrogant twit. During his monotonous ramblings it appeared that on at least four occasions he was getting ready to conclude his commentary.  Wow, was I fooled.  He was worse than the Energizer bunny. He reminded me of an old sales philosophy which I have never liked, "If ya can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with BS." Even if the developer's VP was not a polished speaker he might have come across as more human than the hired gun.

'Nuff said, for now.

The Dispatch take on the meeting.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Elect or Appoint Council Replacements?

At the upcoming Council Committee meeting (Tuesday 12/8/15) one of the topics up for discussion is whether to appoint or have an election when a council seat becomes vacant.

This discussion is prompted by various factors.  First Charter Ordinance 40 is going to have to be changed to comply with the new Kansas law regarding when local elections will be held.  Since 2012 we have had three council vacancies.  Two because of resignations and one because of a council member being elected as mayor. 

The appointment of Alan Willoughby (former mayor Jeff Meyers' uncle by marriage) to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of David Morris resulted in an investigation by JoCo DA Howe regarding possible violations of KOMA (Kansas Open Meetings Act).  In a blistering rebuke at the time, DA Howe found that there was an apparent violation of the spirit of the law.  With the two appointments that were subsequent to that one various members of the public and even some council members questioned the fairness of the appointment system currently being used. 

Some have now called for an election process to fill vacancies.  No decisions will be made Tuesday but input will be taken for consideration for when the charter ordinance has to be changed.

Personally I favor the election process.  In the recent citizen satisfaction survey this item was one of the questions, and a majority favored keeping the current appointment process.  I will attempt on Tuesday night to show, how, in my opinion, the question was asked in such a manner as to manipulate the answer.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Being Politically Correct Can be a Bunch of Garbage

Very seldom do I write anything on this blog that does not have anything to do with Shawnee, but today will be one of those times.

With some of the recent events that have been happening it is time to speak out.  There are folks who don't like the term Islamic terrorist.  Well, let's see, what would you call someone who is of that religion who uses terror to try and subvert others to their way of thinking?  Another no no is illegal aliens or illegal immigrants.  Golly gee, there are legal ways to enter the United States.  If ya don't do it legally then you have to be illegal.  Simple, isn't it?

Maybe the PC police would like us to change other terms:

1.  Illegal parking becomes improperly positioned motor vehicle
2.  Murderer becomes a life termination expeditor
3.  Wife/husband batterer becomes a spousal attitude adjustment specialist
4.  Thief becomes a wealth distribution specialist (synonymous also with Democratic presidents/presidential candidates)
5.  Drug dealer becomes amateur pharmaceutical distributor
6.  Drunk becomes limited alcohol tolerance
7.  Drunk driver becomes limited alcohol tolerance vehicle operator
8.  Arsonist becomes an uncontrolled pyrotechnic display artist