Sunday, March 31, 2019

Lindsey Constance (Ward IV) Hides the Facts

Received her monthly newsletter the other day.  In it she had this comment:

"On Tuesday March 26th, Council-member Sandifer and I hosted a community conversation for Ward 4 residents at the Monticello Library."

Sooooooooooo, what facts did she hide?

First, that this was probably the largest community conversation that she and Sandifer have hosted.  Can't understand why she would not mention that. That's positive. Possibly it was because, even though she and Sandifer tried to stop it, most of those in attendance were against the proposed new community center.

Guess she didn't want to mention that to those readers of her newsletter who did not attend.

That is sneaky Lindsey, almost deceptive. 

Why doesn't Sandifer publish a monthly newsletter?  Could it be because he can't BS the written word like he can when he is talking to people?

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Sandifer & Constance Need A Civics Lesson

First, please read (or re-read) my post immediately below dated March 27, 2019.

It is my firm belief that both council members Mickey Sandifer (15 years on the council) and Lindsey Constance (an educator by profession) need an updated civics lesson. 

So, to help these two folks the following items are submitted:  the first page of the monthly report as published by the city and is available to view on line.  It is the city's organization chart.  Please note who sits on the top level of the hierarchy.  Click on the image to see a larger view.

Next is something that I have had to remind various council members of from time to time.  It is section 3 of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the State of Kansas (highlighting and bold by me for effect):
§ 3. Right of peaceable assembly; petition. The people have the right to assemble, in a peaceable manner, to consult for their common good, to instruct their representatives, and to petition the government, or any department thereof, for the redress of grievances.
Source reference for above is:

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

"This I s Not A Town Hall. This Is Our Show" ....Mickey Sandifer 3/26/19

Let's keep this short and sweet.  Last night councilmembers Mickey Sandifer and Lindsey Constance had a "cookies and conversation" at the Monticello Library.

Naturally, the conversation got around to the proposed new community center.  After various individuals provided some pushback about the project a visibly upset Mickey Sandifer shouted out the quote you see in the title of this blog post.

One of the attendees shouted back that it was not their (Sandifer and Constance's) show but that they worked for us.  I believe Mickey was unnerved by the reaction. 

Methinks that maybe he has been on the council too long and possibly has forgotten who his employers are.  Maybe it's time for a change in Ward IV if he is going to have that attitude.

When one of the attendees pointed out that the cost of the project was actually $54 million (20 years x $2.7million) Lindsey Constance came out with a comment that I found laughable.  She indicated that when she bought her new house she looked at the selling price and not the total cost over the term of the mortgage.  She apparently needed to be reminded that when someone buys something over an extended period of time (be it a house or a car) they are required to be given documentation as to what the total cost is.  But apparently that does not apply to the city when financing projects like this.  Bury that info or make folks figure it out for themselves.  And this is the attitude of someone entrusted with teaching our youth at a very malleable stage of their lives?  Ouch!!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Community Meeting Tuesday March 26, 2019

There will be a community meeting on Tuesday 3/26/19 hosted by Ward IV councilmembers Mickey Sandifer and Lindsey Constance.  Remember you don't have to be a resident of Ward IV to attend.  When the council meets as a whole body the members are voting for city items not necessarily individual ward items, so it is imperative that members from all wards converse with the council members on all projects.  Here is your opportunity to speak directly with two of them.

Here is the meeting info for Tuesday night:

Date and Time 
March 26 2019 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Monticello Library at 22435 W. 66th St.
Join Ward 4 Councilmembers Mickey Sandifer and Lindsey Constance for some Shawnee updates as well as an opportunity to ask questions and share ideas. This will be held Tuesday, March 26th at the Monticello Library at 22435 W. 66th St. from 6:30pm-7:30pm.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Proposed Community Center To Operate At A Loss

On March3, 2019 I published the below chart which was part of the city's presentation of the proposed community center. 

Click on the image to see an enlarged copy.

Another citizen posted the above to a FB page and justifiably questioned the center running in the red.

These are the comments I posted to that FB page:

Interesting item to note. The negative numbers in the above chart are in black ink instead of red. They show as negative by using parenthesis, but anybody giving them a cursory glance might not realize that they are negative. 

 At the 2/11/19 city council meeting, Mr. Darin Barr of Ballard*King (the company working up all the different numbers) had this to say: "We made sure that the negatives weren't in red, so it's not as jarring" And that is a direct quote from the published minutes of that council meeting. And, to top it off, that chart is not shown on the quick reference guide on the city's web site or in the recent City Line newsletter, nor will it appear in the new "educational mailer". You have to go to the city's web site and dig down to the full presentation to find it.

Deception?  Deceit?  You decide. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Excessive Salaries for Proposed Community Center

Here is some interesting info regarding the proposed salaries at the proposed community center. 

Ballard & King is the company that the city contracted with to do the financial projections. Click on the image to see a larger view. 

Note the number of positions of $53K/year or more.  Not bad for working in leisure clothes in a temperature controlled facility. Then remember that PD & FD folks start out at around $42K-$43K/year and are expected to place themselves in danger. Something is wrong here.

Ballard & King has already shown that the facility will run in the hole every year, part of which has to be attributed to these excessive salaries.  Wow, so the council will have to dig into the general fund to take away from other areas (yes, possibly PD & FD) to cover the deficits caused by this facility.

Please click on the image below to view a larger rendition.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The ATM Surprise! Or Is It?

A recent article in the Shawnee Mission Post told about Academy Bank putting in two new express banking units (ATMs).  The address of one of them was given as 10820 Shawnee Mission Parkway, in Shawnee.  Knowing the numbering system of the streets in Shawnee, that struck a note.  Hmmm, three blocks east of Nieman.

Guess what that location is?  That is the new office building that developer Kevin Tubbesing put in.  And guess what, his wife Dawn Tubbesing (former Councilmember Dawn Kuhn) is a VP of Academy Bank.  Neat coincidence.

Now Dawn (formerly Kuhn) Tubbesing is running for mayor.  Hmmmm, also interesting.  Why?  Well, Mr. Tubbesing has received various financial incentives over the years for his projects.  Now, if his wife becomes mayor, and if he submits more projects with incentives would she be able to recuse herself from any and all deliberations?  And even if she did, would she stay out of any backroom discussions concerning those projects?  We remember her.  The one who would talk on, and on, and on, and on and on (old motormouth).

So now I ask, is Dawn (formerly Kuhn) Tubbesing really interested in what happens in Shawnee or does she want to work in tandem with her husband to become Shawnee's numero uno power couple?  Personally I hope we never find out because it is my opinion that Dawn (formerly Kuhn) Tubbesing would be a disaster for the city.  A big time disaster.

Sidebar:  What were and who benefited the most from all the work done on the creek to the north of that new building?  Anybody who can supply me with the info, it would be appreciated.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Tax, Tax and More Tax - And The Proposed Community Center

Guess what?  JoCo has sent out the new appraisals that were used to determine property taxes.

Guess what?  Appraisals went up.  Word on the street is that some of the amounts were substantial.

Guess what?  That will apply to business and residential properties

Guess what?  Now add the proposed increase that would come with an approval for the new community center. 

Now, if you are a business or resident who rents instead of owns, you will still get hit by the new appraisals.  Why/  Because when your lease comes up your landlord will raise the rent.  Just like the landlord will raise the rent if the proposed mill levy increase is approved for the community center.

Oh, and let's not forget those folks who not only have residences here, but so are their businesses.  Double whammy, just to build a Taj Mahal in western Shawnee.

Tax, tax and more tax.  Pretty pictures by the city cannot deny the fact that everybody will pay more.

Sunday, March 03, 2019

Shawnee Misleads and Misinforms Citizens

The spring edition of the city's City Line news magazine is out.  There is a two page article describing the proposed new community center.  Who actually wrote that article?

One item of important info is nowhere to be found in that article.  The fact that the proposed center is projected to run in the red for the first five years.  That total is in the neighborhood of $1.5 million.  And since many of these types of centers never can cover their operating costs, that would project out to approximately $6 million over 20 years.  Again I ask, which essential city services will be pushed aside for this Taj Mahal.  Why?  Because the deficits in opeations/maintenance are not covered by the $38 million (total payback $54 million).  They have to be covered by the general fund.

The chart below was in some city documents, but one has to drill down to find it.  I mentioned it in last Sunday's post.

Click on the image below to see a larger easier to read version
And don't forget, besides the mill levy increase, there will be membership fees (that don't cover expenses)
BTW, has anybody ever heard the legal term "lying by omission"?  Just curious.