Wednesday, February 28, 2018

State Rep Tom Cox Responds

State Rep tom cox has responded to my email concerning guns in schools.  As I stated in my previous post, replies would be posted uncensored.

Here is his reply:

Hey Ray,

The Parkland shooting is a terrible tragedy that could have been avoided. The shooter is not someone who should have been able to so easily acquire such weapons in the first place. Had law enforcement listened to the people reporting the shooter. If the FBI logged him into the system so when he bought a rifle he would have failed the background check. 

As to the solution being arming teachers, I do not think that is the right approach to solve this problem. I am not familiar with the Texas Marshall program but will look into it. I recently found out that Kansas law already allows teachers to conceal in carry but it must be authorized by the school district. No school districts in Kansas currently have opted to allow it. Part of the reason being, if they do their insurance rates sky rocket. So, if people are wanting that as a solution they need to be prepared to allocate millions more to schools to cover their increased insurance costs. 

Tom Cox

Methinks he does need to familiarize himself with the Texas law.  If he did he might not make the comment he did about sky rocketing insurance rates.  Texas does not allow for just anybody (even concealed carry license holders) to carry in the schools. Naturally they do have to have one of those but then they undergo intense background vetting, psychological testing and an in depth training program.  And have to recertify every two years. They become certified "school marshals" and as such are a category of law enforcement with very limited specific duties and responsibilities.  Certified by the state as such it does not seem to be plausible that insurance rates would sky rocket.  Let's look at this as a possible alternative to what we have now.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Guns in Schools

The  email  below was sent to the five individuals who represent parts of Shawnee in the Kansas Legislature:  Reps Gallagher, Brim, Cox, Neighbor and Sen Pilcher-Cook.

Their responses should prove to be interesting.

Here is the email:


With the recent terrible event in Florida the debates are starting again about guns in schools.

First, let me say that I agree with President Trump that gun free zones are killing fields.  Thinking that designating an area a gun free zone without appropriate security back up is downright foolish and unrealistic.  People with mayhem on their mind will look for these areas since they know they will be unopposed in their quest to commit murder.  Let’s look at Sandy Hook..  How many felonies did Adam Lanza commit before he even shot one person in the school?  A bunch.  Killing his mother and stealing her guns were just two of them.  There were others.  Why did the Aurora Colorado theater shooter pick that theater?  Because it was posted as gun free, even though there were theaters closer to his home, they were not posted.

The recent action by the Kansas Legislature to continue exempt status for certain institutions without requiring them to have security (armed security and metal detectors) was, IMHO very foolish.  A miscreant enters the building, what is going to happen?  Is somebody going to tell them they have to leave because it is a gun free zone?

The State of Texas has a great system for providing armed protection in their schools.  The information can be found at the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement web site at

Those appointed as school marshals have to take extensive training and undergo psychiatric evaluations.  The Texas law does not allow for folks just to carry without the appropriate full training.

I strongly urge the Kansas Legislature to pursue a plan similar to what is being done in Texas.

So there is no misunderstanding, a copy of this email will be posted on my blog at    Hopefully, you folks will reply and those replies, uncensored, will also be posted

Thank you

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Local Bird Cage Liner Can't Handle Criticism

Either scroll down to my post of 1/29/18 concerning my letter to the Shawnee Dispatch or you can click here.

Looks like the local bird cage liner posing as a newspaper can't handle criticism.  They never did publish my letter. The main thing that got me upset was that they published two letters a week before the local election which did not allow for a rebuttal because of their publication dates.  this was an action that would not have occurred back in the old days when it was a newspaper.

But I guess that is what happens when your leadership is coming out of Lawrence KS, a bastion of the whiney, crying liberal snowflakes.

Such is life. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Bellmont Promenade - WOW or WHOOPS

Did Legacy Development snow the City with their proposal for the Bellmont Promenade project at Maurer and SMP?

A recent article in the Shawnee Mission Post indicates that two of the proposed anchors are Hobby Lobby and Dick's Sporting Goods.

Huh?  We had a Hobby Lobby in Shawnee at Pflumm and SMP about a mile or so from the Bellmont Promenade project.  It was closed, because Hobby Lobby consolidated some of their stores into a new location near Ikea on Johnson Drive.  Is Hobby Lobby really going to come back to Shawnee?  I'd question that.  Would Dick's Sporting Goods really put a store in Shawnee with one in the Merriam Town Center across the road from the Ikea location.

Look at the list of the other proposed tenants.  Where is the WOW that the developer said we would get?  Where are the truly unique destination businesses that would draw shoppers from outside of Shawnee?

Was the city given a snow job?  I remember all of the HS students that spoke in favor of the project.  They said they wanted to have jobs closer to home (understandable) as opposed to working at  the Legends at Village West.  But seriously, what kind of jobs would HS students be qualified for?  Would they be jobs in upscale WOW type of destination retailers.

IMHO, this project is not a WOW.  It is a WHOOPS.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Council Member Lindsey Constance Responds

Well here it is. Lindsey Constance replied to my question (see my two previous posts)concerning her lack of voting in local elections. I have highlighted certain comments of hers in bold red. i urge folks to read those comments at least twice. At the bottom of this post I will post my observations concerning those highlighted comments.  No part of her email has been edited (with the exception of my highlighting certain comments of hers)

Her Email:

Hi Ray,

Thanks for reaching out via email. That’s probably the best mode of contact.
In response to your question about my past voting history, I can say that thinking back to my 20s and early 30s I was starting out in my teaching career, often working late into the evening on lesson plans, working a second job much of the time, doing graduate work, and starting a family. Since turning 18, I have made it a point to vote every two years, however did not vote regularly in municipal elections during that stage of life.
Your email yesterday got me thinking about how we might better reach young people, and so I read a recent study conducted by Portland State University that looked at mayoral elections in the 30 largest cities. The results found that residents 65 years and older were a median of "seven times more likely to vote than those ages 18-34, who frequently registered turnout rates in the single digits." Thinking back to life as a young adult, I don’t recall a phone call, post card or visit from a candidate during a municipal election year. Knowing that voter turnout is typically very low, especially with young people, I worked hard this past summer and fall to reach as many residents as possible, both regular voters, and those who hadn’t previously been involved. When the Ward 4 election results came out this past November and showed an increase in voter turnout compared with previous years, I was thrilled to see more participation.
I agree with you about the importance of reaching constituents and getting them involved in our local governance. So far my approach has been social media posts, email newsletters, and attending as many city events as possible to connect with residents. I’m always open to new ideas to better reach out to people who haven’t previously been involved and would be happy to hear your ideas on this front.

Thank you, 
Lindsey Constance
Shawnee City Councilmember, Ward 4

My commentary:
OK, here is my commentary concerning the red highlighted comments. What a bunch of BS, and she contradicts herself.    First, JoCo has one of the best systems for people to vote if they can't make it to the polls on election day to include mail in ballots. You don't even have to be disabled to use a mail in ballot. Note that she admits to voting every two years but ".....did not vote regularly in municipal elections......." Huh?  The info I posted shows she never voted in municipals. Does that make sense? No explanation for not voting in municipals, but voting in the others? My guess is her attitude was that municipal elections didn't matter as long as she voted for state and federal offices. She did say she didn't remember getting a phone call, post card  or a visit from a candidate in a municipal election year.  Huh?  My mailbox was usually overflowing.  Regardless, she had to know there was an election happening.  More BS.  With answers like the ones she provided I am happy that Cabela's has a sale on hip waders.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Special Olympics - Heroes Pull

As in the past, there will be a "Heroes Pull" immediately following the St. Patrick's Day parade on Sunday 3/11/18.

Various teams will compete by pulling a piece of fire equipment and also an armored police vehicle for a specific distance.  The team with the shortest combined teams is the winner.

All funds pledged to either a team or an individual are donated to Kansas Special Olympics:

City hall staff/elected personnel are fielding a team.

Donations can be made to the team "City Hall Crusaders"

Or an individual team choice......our mayor......

Watch the action behind Splash Cove starting around 2:30PM.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Will Lindsey Constance Respond to Email

This should be self explanatory.  Sent via email to Council Member Lindsey Constance this morning:

Good morning,

I have posted two items on my blog concerning your failure to vote in local elections in the past.  These would be for mayor, council and school board.

On my blog I asked that you explain yourself.  To date, I have not received an answer.  It is possible that you have not read the blog post, so I will pose the question in a direct email.  As a matter of fact I will copy|paste the last two paragraphs of the most recent post.

Please treat this as a homework assignment with a due date of Wed 2/14/18.  Failure to respond will result in a similar penalty that one of your students would receive……… will have a negative effect on your grade as a council member.
Come on Lindsey, tell us why you haven't voted in the past for mayor, council and school board?

Your public wants to know what kind of an example you are setting for your students by not participating in in an activity that is the basis for our freedoms.

I'm a Ward IV resident.  Email me with your response.  I'd be happy to publish it here.


Sunday, February 04, 2018

Part 2: Does Lindsey Constance Really Care About Shawnee?

On 2/2/18 (two posts below) I posted the first item about this.

What did we learn at that time?  We learned that she doesn't vote in city elections (mayor/council).  Wow, that is really exercising a right that many have fought and died for.  Does she care?  There are folks in many countries that would love to have the ability to vote for their government officials.  At all levels.  She squanders that right.

Now let's take it a step not voting in the local elections what other offices is she not voting for?  Are ya ready?  How about school district board?  That's right, by not voting in the local elections she is not voting for members of the local school board. 

Wow, and she is supposed to be an award winning teacher.  When I was in school, teachers used to make sure we knew in our social studies classes what voting was all about.  How can she teach that to students if she doesn't participate?  Now, as a teacher it probably would be wrong for her to publicly endorse specific candidates for the school board, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't vote.

Come on Lindsey, tell us why you haven't voted in the past for mayor, council and school board?
Your public wants to know what kind of an example you are setting for your students by not participating in in an activity that is the basis for our freedoms.

I'm a Ward IV resident.  Email me with your response.  I'd be happy to publish it here.

Saturday, February 03, 2018

My Refusal to Watch Super Bowl LII

Tomorrow is Super Bowl LII and I will NOT be watching it. 

I have not watched one football game all season.  Why?  Because of the spoiled, hypocritical, over indulged pieces of trash that disrespect our flag, our anthem and the veterans that have allowed them to pursue their chosen vocation.

The biggest offender in this situation happens to be the commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell.  He has wimped out in taking a stand to put these miscreants in their place.  He is sorely lacking in the intestinal fortitude department.  His solution:  to have the league donate to these idiots' social justice causes.  By watching NFL games, whether on TV or in person folks are helping the NFL to have an income flow to make those donations.  So far, there has been a substantial reduction in TV viewership and personal attendance at these games this year.  I urge folks to keep on finding other things to do,

Goodell in his misguided approach has:

1.  Had players fined for displays of celebration after scoring because they were taunting the other team.  Aren't some of those players taunting those who have fought, and in some cases died, for their rights?
2.  A player was fined for wearing Christmas colored cleats during a game.  They were OK for the pregame warm ups but not the game.  Gee, but it's OK to take a knee during the National Anthem

3.  He refused to allow the Dallas Cowboys to place stickers on their helmets in memory of the Dallas PD officers who were ambushed and killed.  But it's OK for the spoiled trash to disrespect our flag.

The video below has been on this blog in the past.  Please watch it again.  It shows a football game, a Super Bowl, with the proper respect for our country. Previous posts of this here were just of the National Anthem portion. This one is just a couple of minutes longer and shows some of the pre Anthem introductions.

Friday, February 02, 2018

Does Lindsey Constance Really Care About Shawnee?

Good question, IMHO.  There have been some recent letters in the Shawnee Dispatch about how much Lindsey Constance (newly elected Ward IV council member) cares about Shawnee.

I say that is Liberal bovine scatology. Why do I say that?  Because she has never voted in a local election (mayor/council).  That's right, she is part of that 85% of the city that sits on their butts and doesn't even get out to vote in local elections.  Well, maybe she voted this time because she was running for office.  How do I know?  Easy.  JoCo election records.  It is public information on whether folks voted in an election.  Naturally how they voted is not a matter of record.

So, here we go........note the term "state general" also includes any federal offices that were on the ballot that year (congress, senate, president etc).

Her voting record:

State General 2006
State General 2008
State General 2010
State General 2012
State General 2014
State General 2016
Mail Ballot 0108 Mail Ballot 512
State Primary 2012
State Primary 2014
State Primary 2016

We don't see any "local primary" or "local general" with an odd numbered year.

So, let's hear some more liberal clap trap about how she cares about Shawnee.  Would love to have her explain why she didn't vote in any local elections for mayor/council.  Would it be one of those typical apathetic answers?  You know the one that would indicate that the person doesn't think the local elections are important.  Something like "I voted for president.......mayor/council that doesn't matter". 

Yeah, she really cares..................NOT.   Probably more interested in advancing a national Liberal agenda.