Thursday, September 29, 2016

Two Upcoming Events

Here are two upcoming events that you might want to consider:

Quarterly Q&A With the Mayor: This takes place this evening, 10/29/16 from 7 to 8PM at
Sombrero's Mexican Cantina, located at 22702 Midland Drive.

Meet Your Shawnee Police Officers:  There's another big community outreach event being planned for Sunday, Oct. 2nd at Hy-Vee, 63rd and Pflumm, from 1200-1600 hours. It will be similar to the great National Night Out event that was held on August 2nd.  There will be police vehicles/equipment and Hy-Vee is providing a complementary cookout lunch for the event.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Congratulations to Steve McCorkill

Many of you may remember Steve McCorkill's many years of service to the City of Shawnee, and retiring as a sergeant in our PD.  And for those of us who attended the Citizen Police Academy (2012-2014), the great job he did there.

Well, Steve has decided that he has many years left to help and guide up and coming new officers.  He recently accepted a position with the Kansas Law Enforcement Academy as an instructor.

Check out his staff page by clicking here

Congrats Steve and the best to you in the new position.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Good Samaritan - Josh Owen - Needs Help

We'll keep this simple.  Josh Owen, the good samaritan who intervened when a woman was being attacked at Wal Mart and was shot as a result, needs financial help.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up

Please donate whatever you can.  A thank you to Mike Frizzell - Operation 100 News for posting it on his FB page.

Also, please pass this on to folks that you feel might be interested in helping.

Thank you.

Upcoming Events - Third Thursday & Open House

We have some upcoming events in Shawnee that are interesting:

Third Thursday With The Mayor:  Mayor Distler hosts an open dialog at the Civic Centre on Thursday 9/15/16.  More info can be found on the city's web site by clicking here

Shawnee Open House:  This will be held on Sat 9/17/16 from 11AM to 4PM at the John B Glaser Fire Station (71) at 6501 Quivira Rd.  Personnel and equipment from all departments will be available.  There is info by clicking here to view the most current copy of the City Line newsletter.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Crime Doesn't Pay........Especially In Shawnee

It's been all over the local media and is even out there on various national web sites.

Quick recap:  This past Sunday a bad guy attacked a woman in a Wal Mart parking lot while she was placing her baby in a car seat.  A good samaritan, hearing her screams went to her rescue.  Bad guy number one shot the good samaritan.  (He is currently recovering after surgery).  Good samaritan number two shot at bad guy number one.  Bad guy number one will not recover.  Bad guy number two ran from the scene. 

Today, two days after the event, the Shawnee PD effected an arrest of the suspected bad guy two and he has been charged in JoCo with various felonies.

What is the point I am trying to make?  Crime will not be tolerated in Shawnee.  People will come to the aid of other people.  And, our PD will be very diligent in pursuing and locating perpetrators.  A quick resolution of these types of cases is very important while the evidence and witness accounts are fresh. 

Congrats to the PD for their handling of this matter.  And a prayer for the good samaritan (a veteran of the conflict in Iraq/Afghanistan) for a full, speedy recovery.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Free First Aid and CPR Classes

The City of Shawnee is offering free HeartSaver First Aid CPR & AED Training.

More info is available by clicking here

These techniques can prove to be very helpful and even life saving.

Check it out.

Friday, September 09, 2016

Colin Kaepernick Is A Jerk

I posted the below item on 8/30/16 on another blog that I have.  It's not about Shawnee, but it's about our country.

And for those who don’t like the title of this post, too bad.  I’m exercising my First Amendment rights.
OK, in this country the pampered, overpaid “role model” (as he describes himself) has a right to sit down during the playing of our national anthem.
But, has he ever attempted to figure out how he got that right?  I doubt it.  Let’s make this fairly short and sweet.  He has that right because over the centuries millions of men and women have fought for those rights, and many of them paid the ultimate price.  Our country is not perfect.  We know that.  But, it sure is a lot better than many (most) others.  Let’s see this pampered athlete get a 12 year $114 million dollar contract some place else.  Better yet, let him relocate to another country and see what happens to athletes who don’t show respect for their country’s flag and anthem.  North Korea comes to mind.  He’d be shot by anti-aircraft guns as Kim Jong Un makes an example of him.
He’s biracial.  I get it.He feels really bad about some recent events.  I get it.  But why dishonor all those who fought for his rights to protest?
I am reminded of Pat Tillman who gave up a promising and financially rewarding NFL career to serve his country.  And he paid for his patriotism with his life in Afghanistan while serving as an Army Ranger.  Hey Colin, ya wanna make a statement?  Enlist in the military.  Find out what it’s all about.  Why don’t you enlist?  I’ll tell ya why.  Because you don’t want to give up your millions, and more importantly you don’t have the cajones to serve.  I don’t care how big your tattooed biceps are, you are a punk piece of trash.
Oh, in case you are wondering: US Army, SSG, 1964-1968 including Vietnam 67-68.