Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ward 3 Primary – Myres Only Candidate To Serve Our Country

The primary race for the Ward 3 council position will be in a little over 4 weeks. It is scheduled for Tuesday August 1, 2017.


Suffice it to say that Dave Myres is the only one of the 3 candidates who has served our country.  Justin Adrian didn’t serve.  Heck he was a Hillary Clinton delegate to the DNC and we all know what her stance was on members of the US Military, especially in Benghazi.  Gee, is Mr. Adrian proud of supporting her for that?  Jeff Vaught likes to beat his chest alot but he never stood the watch. 


How about Dave Myres?  He started out as an enlisted member of the Mississippi Army National Guard and rose to E5 in the Field Artillery.  Subsequent to that he was commissioned in Air Defense Artillery (Patriot Missiles) as an RA officer (that’s Regular Army for those not familiar with the term)

He served in many positions before coming off active duty as a captain, the last being as Commanding Officer HHB, 3RD BN 43RD ADA 11th Brigade.  Among his various awards and decorations are an Army Commendation Medal and 2 awards of the Army Achievement Medal.


For those folks who say city council is not a national office and military service is not germane, I say hogwash.  A willingness to serve one’s country, with possible exposure to adverse conditions is, IMHO, an indication of a person’s commitment to his fellow man.


As a former Army Staff Sergeant with service in Nam there is only one candidate in Ward 3 that I would feel comfortable saluting…………….figuratively and literally…………and that is Dave Myres.


Friday, June 23, 2017

What Is Going On With The Shawnee Dispatch?

I very rarely read the hard copy.  I do read the on line version consistently.

It has become a local puff piece, & HS athletic rah rah paper.

This is the first year that Shawnee voters will go to the polls for a local general election in November.  As such, this is the first year that local primaries will be held in August.  As such, we have two council wards that will have a primary.  Ward 3 has three candidates and Ward 4 has four candidates.

There has been no mention at all in the Dispatch (on line) about this.  But the local reporter does give us plenty of feel good puff pieces.  Gee, is she going to cover the ruling in the Qrivit vs COS case?

We have public hearings on the budget, Bellmont Promenade and other items coming up.  Is the Dispatch going to cover those?  Where are the interim stories on these and other items affecting the city? Are the citizens of Shawnee deliberately being kept in the dark about these items.  IMHO, the Dispatch stinks.  It's not even worth its free distribution.

Anyway, the only "hard" stories have been those contributed by Mike Frizzell of Operation 100 news.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Kenig Explains Missing Newsletter

In keeping with my policy of posting rebuttals from individuals that I have mentioned here is one from Brandon Kenig.

He called last night, I was not available, but he did leave a VM.  Not being a court stenographer I will give a brief synopsis of what he said.  He said that he did not delete me from his email list for his newsletter.  He claims that the email distribution program that he uses maxes out at 100 and he has more than that on the list.  This means that he has to go back in and resend to those who did not get it the first time.  He also stated I was not the only one that told him they did not receive the newsletter.

I do know that some of these email distribution lists (especially if they are free) do have limitations on the number of contacts that they can send.  We'll just have to take his word that his list tops out at 100 and he has more than that on the list.


How come Vaught doesn't respond to my postings.  Oh I know, he just let's a woman confront me in a grocery store parking lot.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Did Brandon Kenig Have a Hissy Fit? Advice for Jeff Vaught

Keep in mind, that I do live and vote in Ward 4, and Kenig is running for election in this ward.

Well, he has a newsletter that he sends to his constituents.  Usually I get a copy.  Not this time.
He probably had a hissy fit about my earlier post about him and deleted me from his email list.

Don't worry Brandon, I did get a copy forwarded to me.


I have written on this blog numerous times on how Jeff Vaught can be a real windbag when he speaks at council.   He goes, on and on and on.  Worse than the Energizer Bunny.  Almost as bad as former council member Dawn "Motormouth" Kuhn.  Well, somebody passed on a Chinese fortune cookie fortune to me and said it reminded them of Vaught.................

"..................a person is not wise simply because a person talks a lot......."  Fits him to a "t".

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Happy 242d Birthday - U S Army

June 14, 1775 the Continental Congress gave birth to the greatest fighting force the world has seen.

242 years later the men and women of the US Army are prepared to defend our country just as the men and women did who went before them. 

From Bunker Hill to Baghdad, with stops in between, the US Army has been there for us.  Let's be there for them.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ward 4 Shawnee has a Four Way Primary

Looks like Ward 4 in Shawnee will have a primary election on Tuesday Aug 1, 2017.
Before I get into the candidates, let me remind folks that there are many ways to vote if you can't make it to the polls on election day.  There is advance voting in person and there is also advance voting by mail.  You do not have to be disabled to get a mail ballot.  For more info on advance voting please go here JoCoElection Office Advance Voting Info

OK, now let's look at the four candidates in Ward 4

1.  Ajay Sood----Hey, if he wants to run that's his business.  Shawnee's self proclaimed "love guru".
IMHO, really strange................

2.  Lindsey Constance----Well she may be a highly qualified teacher but IMHO her political philosophies reek of left wing Democratic Party agendas.  I know, local elections are non-partisan.  But, a candidate's overall philosophies need to be taken into account.  See the go-fundly page for Matthew Calcara, a democratic candidate for state rep.  See who he supports, both Constance in Ward 4 and Adrian in Ward 3.  Here is that page.  Sorry Lindsey you are too liberal for my liking.  Stick with your daytime job that you are good at.

3.  Brandon Kenig----The incumbent, by default.  He was not elected to the position, but was selected by the council to fill the spot left vacant by Michelle Distler's election as mayor.  At that time he was not my first choice for the position.  He was second.  Now he might even be third, with only Constance at the bottom of the list.  He has become a "bobblehead".  Talk with him, give him your ideas and he lulls you into a false sense of security by bobbing his head up and down in an affirmative motion.  Ha!  Then watch what he does.  Try getting a straight answer out of him.  It's like a NASCAR race as he goes around in circles.  IMHO, he is becoming like various former (and at least two other current) council members who forget who they work for.  Yepper, get the feeling he thinks he works for the city manager instead of the other way around. 

4.  Tony Noble----An intelligent businessman with strong conservative values.  This is a person who can help get Shawnee really moving in the right direction, especially fiscally.  More about him in future posts.  This is the person I will be voting for.  It is very important to support Tony in the primary August 1, so he can move forward to the general election in November.  Read more about Tony by clicking here.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Add Cindy Neighbor to the List of No Common Sense

Whoops, I forgot to include the other Shawnee state rep in the post below.

She is another person, who, IMHO is lacking in common sense.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Tom Cox, Shelee Brim, Linda Gallagher = No Common Sense

Correction  6/4/17 2150 (see last paragraph):

Shawnee has, IMHO three individuals that represent it in the Kansas Legislature that are totally void of common sense.  These are Tom Cox, Shelee Brim and Linda Gallagher.

What makes me say this?  Simple, these three voted for an extension of the gun free zones in university and hospital locations without the provision to have armed security and metal detectors.

When the laws regarding concealed carry were changed a few years back, certain government locations had a four year exemption.  They were required to allow concealed carry (beginning 7/1/2017) unless they provided armed security and metal detectors.  The reason for that is so simple it makes sense.  Law abiding citizens would honor "no guns" signs.  Individuals bent on creating havoc couldn't care about a sign.  Hence, a previous legislature said that in order to be protective more than signs were required.  Hence the original requirement for armed security and metal detectors.  Heinous crimes are committed in "gun free zones" since law abiding citizens cannot protect themselves. And actions like what these three malcontents took does nothing to protect anybody since their actions do not allow for security protection.  What feebleminded individuals these three are.

No common sense.

Hopefully our governor will veto this action.

Corrected info:  The bill applies to state hospitals including the Univ of Ks medical system.