Saturday, March 28, 2020

Hypocritical MSM Getting It Shoved Where the Moon Don't Shine

Well, looks like the MSM, (CNN, MSNBC etc) and their Democratic Party puppet masters are getting it stuck to them.  They had been complaining about POTUS not providing enough press briefings.  Now that he is doing it, and gaining support from America they want him to stop.  Or, they want the broadcast stations not to carry them live.  What a bunch of flaming hypocrites. 

How about Hillary (the witch of Benghazi)  Clinton trying to take a shot at and denigrate POTUS.  What a witch.

Anyway, regarding the basic topic of this post, ya might wanna check this out  by clicking here.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Social Distancing, Quarantines, Shelter In Place & Etc.

Been reading about people and their reactions to the current situation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

No doubt it will have a horrendous impact financially on many people.  But what can we do?  Should everybody go back to normal work now and just let this thing spread further?  In the long run we will recover.  We have in the past and we will now and we will in the future.

There are certain complaints I hear though that truly upset me.  These are the folks who complain about not being able to dine in at restaurants, go to the movies, visit their favorite sports bar, etc etc etc.

If ya wanna talk about having it rough ask one of the few living vets from WWII what restrictions they had in Europe, and/or the Pacific?  What part of a normal life did they have?  Add to that those that served in Korea, Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Iraq etc.  Toilet paper shortage?  They were lucky if they had functioning toilets.  Most often a slit trench latrine. Then take it a step further.  What about the POWs in WWII, Korea, Viet Nam?  And what about the folks that were held hostage by Iran for 444 days.  Talk about quarantine.  Talk about isolation.  Talk about not being able to do what you want.  The Iran hostage event was in 1979.  Probably 1/2 of America wasn't even born yet.

Soooo, suck it up snowflakes.  We WILL persevere.  And, we still can do more than what most of those I mentioned could do in their circumstances.  Bet that the "residents" of the Hanoi Hilton would have loved to call up a restaurant and drive over for curbside service.  Or spend more time with their families.  Or, go out and walk/jog a trail, ride a bike or just take a short drive.  Even still being able to go to the grocery store and the aforementioned curbside service.

Now, let's look at another aspect of the situation.  These irresponsible idiots who are doing anything and everything to blame Trump for the situation.  He is doing a great job.  You can't have a vaccine for something until you know what it's make up is.  You can't have a vaccine until you know the cure won't be worse than the disease.  Just like a computer virus.  Folks go bananas when they get one and blame Norton, McAfee et al.  When a new one comes out these companies need to analyze it so they can develop the cure.  The difference is that a biological cure can take quite awhile as opposed to a computer logic one.  So, for all the idiots who are trying to make Trump look bad, you've been doing that for 3-1/2 years and just making yourselves look foolish.

As for Nancy Pelosi, what is with the BS of tacking on items to the recovery bill for stuff that has nothing to do with the COVID problem?  This sicko has to go bye bye.  A republican majority after the next election will cut her off as she won't be speaker anymore.  She is doing almost as much damage to Americans as the COVID virus itself.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Kansas Attorney General Speaks out on Public Meetings During Health Crisis

In a recent article in the Lawrence Journal World, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt has some comments regarding government meetings during the current Covid-19 situation.  Rather than link to the article, I will copy|paste it here.  If you want, you can view it on the Journal World site by going to this link

Note:  Within the article are two links.  One is for the AG's press release and the other is for a proposed administrative regulation.


As many official meetings move online due to help stop the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, the Kansas attorney general’s office has proposed formal rules for state and local governments to ensure their meetings remain open to the public.

Attorney General Derek Schmidt said in a recent news release that following the Kansas Open Meetings Act during a declared emergency, when many people are apprehensive and rumors can run rampant, is of even greater important than usual to ensure openness and transparency in the government decision-making process.
“An important way for public bodies to provide reassurance is to go the extra mile to ensure their actions are transparent during the time of emergency,” Schmidt said in the release. “This new guidance will help state and local government bodies throughout Kansas operate transparently even when the public cannot gather in person for meetings.”
The release states whether a public body is meeting by telephone or videoconference or in person but without public access due to emergency limitations, members of the public must be able to observe. Specifically, if the meeting if being done remotely, then members of the public must be able to join in the electronic conferencing. If the meeting is in person, then the public body must take steps to allow members of the public to listen to or observe the meeting by telephone, videoconferencing, television broadcast or similar method. There must be no cost for the public to participate.
When the public is participating in a public meeting remotely, members of the body must take steps to help the public understand the proceedings despite not being physically present. For example, each speaker in the meeting should identify himself or herself by name before speaking or voting so remote listeners or observers can more readily know who is speaking. Likewise, each motion should be clearly stated and each vote tally clearly announced.
In addition, there must be a method for distributing any agenda or other written materials that ordinarily could be picked up in person by members of the public attending the meeting. Those procedures must be explained to the public before the meeting begins. The procedure for any executive session must also be clearly explained at the outset of a meeting.
Schmidt advised public bodies and agencies to immediately begin following the new guidance, although the regulation will not be legally binding until approved by the State Rules and Regulation Board and filed with the Secretary of State. The release states that the proposed regulation was submitted Friday for approval as a temporary regulation and will become legally binding once that approval process is completed.
In addition to the legally binding regulations, Schmidt also provided additional actions that are strongly recommended, such as widely disseminating information about changes to meeting procedures before they occur and posting recordings of meetings on the public body’s website. A copy of the proposed regulation, K.A.R. 16-20-1, and the best practices document are available on the attorney general’s website,

Was the Core 4 Meeting Legal?

At what point can government entities hold meetings without proper notification to the public?

KCTV5 is trying to find out in view of the recent "Core 4" meeting and subsequent closure order.

For full info please read the KCTV5 letter at this site