Sunday, June 19, 2005

Connie Morris - Out of control fanatic

Earlier today I sent an email to Connie Morris, the Kansas Board of Education member that is a driving force to teach "Intelligent Design" in Kansas public schools. Please see my posting of 5/5/05 entitled "Reverse Evolution".

I received an "auto responder" reply from Connie Morris.

Here is what transpired:

My email:

Dear Mrs Morris,

Suffice it to say that I totally disagee with your views with regards to the teaching of evolution in science classes, and your desire to insert "Intelligent Design".
This is nothing more than an attempt to interject a religious philosophy into the public school classrooms.

Maybe you need to take American History 101 again............and realize that this country was founded by individuals who were escaping religious persecution. When one religious group attempts to force their views on society as a whole they are definitely forgetting the Constitutional rights of all.

I posted some of these thoughts on my on line blog on 5/5/05 and am quoting them below.

(I then proceeded to quote the 5/5/05 post)

Her auto-responder reply:

Thank you for emailing! Please know that I make a sincere effort to read every correspondence that comes my way, however it has become impossible to personally respond to every contact. I deeply appreciate your support and the valuable information that you may provide. Input from each and every individual is important. PS: The KSBE is NOT seeking to implement Religion in public schools. My hope is to simply encourage criticisms of Evolution-as the evidence to do so abounds. Be well! -Connie Morris


If Mrs Morris' auto-responder is not a classic example of double speak, then nothing is.