Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Shawnee City Council 12/11/06

On December 11, 2006 I exercised my rights to address the Shawnee City Council.

Needless to say my comments were about the hypocrisy of smoking bans without doing anything about alcohol. I even used some figures regarding alcohol related crimes within the city limits of Shawnee.

What struck me as funny was a comment by one of the council members, Kevin Straub who is one of the 3rd ward representatives.

Mr Straub is quoted in the 12/13/06 issue of the Shawnee Dispatch as saying: "We aren't going to vote against smoking bans just because there are worse things out there."

Strange comment. First, is he using the term "we" to really mean "I" (himself), or is he attempting to speak for the entire City Council?

This is one arrogant, sanctimonious individual. He also brought up the Nevada law that was recently passed by the voters regarding smoking. What he failed to mention is that:

1. The law is being litigated on constitutional grounds
2. The law is hypocritical in that it specifically exempts the gaming areas of the casinos.