Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Straub Loses It

Wow, what an event at the 2/26/07 Shawnee City Council Meeting.

While Kevin Straub (IMHO a narcissistic blowhard) was questioning the contractors/architects about the new justice center, Ms Dawn Kuhn, another council member made a comment that a crystal ball would be needed for the answer. Straub then uncorked a vitriolic diatribe aimed at Ms Kuhn.

Actually I was quite surprised that the Mayor did not gavel Mr Straub down. Mr Straub's action called for a strong response from the Mayor and he just sat there. Unbelievable.

Anyway, Ms Kuhn wa right about the "crystal ball". Straub wanted to know why, if the groundbreaking was scheduled for 6/1, that this item couldn't be postponed 60 days while other alternatives were looked at. The contractor tried to explain that if there was a 60 day delay, that that would also postpone the groundbreaking by 60 days, because they could not order structural steel etc until they had a commitment from the city. That would then push construction into the winter months which would cause additional problems and costs. The way material pricing is changing a crystal ball would indeed be needed.

Whether Ms Kuhn's interjection at that time (eventhough accurate) was appropriate could be questioned, but Straub's vicious verbal attack was uncalled for.

This guy is a piece of work.