Friday, April 13, 2007

Presidential Politics - Too Much Too Soon

Let's see, it is what, 9 or 10 months before the first primaries and caucuses? Definitely nineteen (19) months before the election. and what has been going on? Folks have announced their candidacies months ago. For some it will be almost two years between announcement and the election.

That is a little too much, at least for me. But, what really ticks me off is that some of these individuals are elected officials. By campaigning for the presidential nomination, some of them are ignoring the responsibilities of their elected offices. Especially those that are either US Representatives or US Senators. What that means is that they are campaigning on our dime and not giving their full attention to what we, their employers, elected them to do.

How many "civilian" companies would put up with the absenteeism that some of these individuals display?

My solution: A federal law, that if you are a serving member of the the US Congress (either house) and announce for the presidency, that you must, at that time resign your position. Let's get someone into the office who is willing to work for the constituency.

Let the states handle the situation for sitting governors.

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