Sunday, August 12, 2007

Goin' Roundabout

Gotta admit, sometimes government meetings can be fun.

Last Tuesday's (8/7/07) Finance & Admin Committee had some levity to it.

There was a discussion about the roundabout that will be going in at Johnson Drive and K-7 when that intersection will be reconfigured.

Some of the ideas were quite novel:

A buffalo, sort of a companion piece to the oxen at the other side of town

Plantings in the interior of the roundabout of native prairie grasses (good idea, low maintenance and natural)

Other possible statues in the center (examples were shown of a flock of birds and of a gigantic eagle)

One idea that was requested NOT to be considered was a fountain. Seems kids like to vandalize fountains by pouring soap products in them. They like the bubbling effects. Gee, vandalism in that part of town? Impossible.

One idea that wasn't brought up might be a dedication to the council. Or maybe to my two "favorite" members, Pfrick and Pfrack. We could erect large statues of them in the center of the roundabout. The plantings could be artificial tulips (so they are there all year long). Since these two are in agreement so much of the time, maybe they could be depicted as walking arm in arm or holding hands. Wait a minute, not walking, but tip toeing. Yes, tip toeing through the tulips. Then we could also include a low volume rendition of Tiny Tim's song of that name being broadcast from the roundabout.

Truth be known, I think that a depiction of the original indigenous inhabitants would be appropriate. It was their land first.