Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tiahrt vs Moran

A few days ago I received my advance mail ballot. One of the many options available for voting in the Aug 3 primary election.

The Republican party has 4 individuals running to win the nomination to run for US Senator:

Todd Tiahrt
Tom Little
Robert (Bob) Londerholm
Jerry Moran

Now, it does appear that Messrs Tiahrt & Moran are the two frontrunners. What I find amazing is that these two gentlemen are attacking each other with such venom that one wonders are they both republicans?

It would be nice if, instead of their heavy attacks on each other they spent their time, energy, and money, on emphasizing their positives (or perceived positives), by stating factually how they voted on certain key issues etc etc.

Ironically, after the primary, the loser will probably issue a statement that to preserve party unity he will now support the other individual.

What a bunch of nonsense................