Sunday, August 28, 2011

Missed Opportunities - Again

While some city council members keep screaming that we need economic development (commercial development), what is being done to get it?

Fast food resturants are not the answer, see the post at Oh, and by the way, where is it?

The recent Kanrocksas concert at Village West pulled in about 60,000 people for 2 days. A bit short of their original prediction of 100,000, but then this was the first of what is supposed to be an annual event. Willie Nelson's Farm Aid pulled in over 18,000 shortly after.

What did we in Shawnee get from those two events?

We are approximately 7 minutes south of the Village West complex. A complex that was started approximately 10 years ago.The casino going in up there is moving along quite nicely. There will also be a major hotel to go with it. With the right type of development along the I-35 corridor we could receive some benefits from this. Will we ever see it? I doubt it