Sunday, October 30, 2011

More Indicators of Apathy in Shawnee

Just did a little quick research.  This is another example how apathy about local government is rampant in Shawnee.  What I refer to as the "intelligent idiots" of Shawnee.  Those folks who do nothing about our local government but make sure they get involved with national politics. 

Below is a listing from  August 3 until last Wed, October 26 indicatiing what kind of letters have been submitted to the Shawnee Dispatch:

In 13 issues of the Dispatch there were a total of 4 letters commenting on local governmental items.  Seven issues of the Dispatch had no letters of any kind and three issues had letters that were not on topic about local issues.

10/26/11 Illinois school seeking local items
10/19/11  NOTHING
10/12/11  NOTHING
10/5/11  Self serving letter from the Kansas Press Association
9/28/11  NOTHING
9/21/11  NOTHING
9/14/11  Thank you for return of lost item
9/7/11  Local commentary/opinion
8/31/11  NOTHING
8/24/11  Local commentary/opinion
8/17/11  NOTHING
8/10/11  NOTHING
8/3/11  (1) Local commentary/opinion
            (2) Local commentary/opinion

C'mon folks...............get involved with your local government.  Don't be one of the folks that complain after the fact when something happens.