Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eric Jenkins For Mayor

Here is a link to his web site:

In the past I had supported Jeff Meyers when he ran for reelection.

Why the change?

Jeff Meyers stand on the Franchise Fee, the CID for Ten Quivira Plaza and his actions or lack of in the Cheryl Scott debacle.

That last item was a severe insult to members of the community to select their elected officials.  When the city manager admitted that she had a copy of Scott's resignation on a Friday prior to a Monday meeting and did nothing to notify the mayor and council. When asked at the meeting she basically lied by omission.  Don't believe me..........ask a lawyer.  The mayor needed to be firm about this.  See the blog post immediately preceding this one.

Eric Jenkins' biography would indicate a person of a strong background in having to deal with many aspects of governmental operations.  His retired status would indicate that he could also devote more time to being mayor.

I urge you to vote in the primary, 2/28/12 for Eric Jenkins.

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