Sunday, November 18, 2012

KC Star's Take on Shawnee's Fractious Government

The Kansas City Star just ran an article which should be an eye opener to people who live in Shawnee.

After reading my few comments below, please go to the Star article and read it completely:

The attitude of some of our elected officials borders on arrogance and pomposity.  Such as: People asking questions are “just fishing to stir up some trouble,” Mayor Jeff Meyers says. 

Or, how about his comment as to why he did not allow public input at the council meeting that selected his wife's uncle to fill the position vacated by the resignation of David Morris:  Meyers said he did shut down discussion on the Willoughby appointment because, based on past experience, he thought the public comments were not in the best interest of the council making a decision.

Apparently the mayor has forgotten about Section 3 of the Bill of Rights of the Kansas Constitution, which he swore to uphold.  "3. Right of peaceable assembly; petition. The people have the right to assemble, in a peaceable manner, to consult for their common good, to instruct their representatives, and to petition the government, or any department thereof, for the redress of grievances."

Note the part about "instructing their representatives"

And then the article brings up how Cheryl Scott's replacement was also picked.  At the time of her resignation Scott said it would be better for the council to pick her replacement than to let the people do it.

As for arrogance, it is possible that Jeff Vaught of Ward III is the leader in that respect:

But Councilman Jeff Vaught said all the Shawnee antics are small and he’s tired of all the racket from critics.“We are getting hammered,” he said, even though Shawnee is one of the most open and fiscally responsible cities in Johnson County.“In Shawnee we are getting beat up over this crazy stuff. I don’t get it.” Vaught probably forgot that during the appointment process of Willoughby he was critical of Mike Kemmling for interrupting council member, and as such was not qualified to be appointed to the council.  Heck a review of the video of that meeting shows that both he and Kuhn interrupt folks all the time, more than Kemmling. And folks wonder why the DA is investigating the council for their actions. Read the Star's might just open some eyes.  

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