Sunday, December 02, 2012

Bully, Cry Baby or Know it All?

Is it possible for one person to have all three of those traits?

Well, if your name is Jeff Vaught and you are a Ward III council rep in Shawnee, the answer is yes.

At a recent city council meeting Vaught appeared to be using his position to make bullying statements regarding some recent news articles.  Similar to the way he used bully tactics during the last election, from the council dais.

The comments were also a form of a cry baby attitude.  Seems Vaught really didn't like some of the articles and bemoaned the fact that positive articles were not written about Shawnee.  He proceeded to rattle off a litany of positive and supposed positive items (there might be some issues with some statistics he mentioned).  Well, apparently he doesn't read the local newspaper, the Shawnee Dispatch.  There has been a plethora of positive items in that paper. 

Now, back to the negative items.  If you don't like negative items appearing in the media, then take action to prevent them from happening.  Quit blaming the messenger(s) and start accepting responsibily for creating negative actions. One example has to do with the actions by Mr. Tony Lauer and his neighbors in the Crimson Ridge Subdivision.  Now, the mayor has been critical of some of Mr. Lauer's actions (persistent questions, and KORA requests).  Did the mayor ever think that if the original questions were answered, and completely, there may have been no need to push for more?  When a governmental body either fails to completely and/or honestly answer questions from its citizens, it raises more questions.  Such as what else is being hidden?

We won't even touch on the KOMA investigation regarding the appointment of Uncle Alan to the city council.  Or the partying by five council members and the mayor on election night April 2012.  A quorum of the council, and its presiding officer.  And, proof of this was posted by Jeff Vaught on his blog site.  Don't believe me, here it is:


Now, what about the "know it all" aspect?  Well, during a discussion at the last council meeting Council Member Neal Sawyer alluded to the fact that he was hesitant to make a certain point as he was probably going to be challenged by Vaught, and, according to Sawyer, Vaught knows it all. 

Vaught attempted to show his "know it all" attitude at another council meeting a few weeks ago.  Basically, a question came up about a department making a purchase using a vendor on state contract.  When some questioned the price, Vaught, in his know it all mode, said that if the purchase was made using the state contract, it was the best price.  Wrongo.  It was the lowest price that the state had on contract.  That part is true.  But there are many vendors that do not submit pricing for state contracts.  And these vendors have lower pricing than what is on state contract.  That is why state agencies do NOT have to buy on state contract, but can buy off contract if the same or comparable item can be purchased from another source, at the same or lower price. And that does occur.