Thursday, June 27, 2013

WARNING!!!!!! Read at Your Own Risk

WARNING!!!!!  Please be advised that according to the city manager of Shawnee, KS, local blogs may contain bad or misinformation.  That is part of the justification she is using to create a new public information officer position which could cost up to $70K per year.

Therefore, when you read anything on this blog, remember, the information here may be bad or created to misinform.  It is suggested that people take the information here and do their own research to verify or disprove any of the statements contained herein.

We realize that we are not like the mayor, the city manager, or certain members of the city council. These folks never provide bad or misinformation to the public.  The information provided by them is always accurate, spot on and never misleading.  Hmmmm, I wonder if this last paragraph would be considered bad or misinformation?  :-)    :-)

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