Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bomb Threat Hoaxes

The Shawnee Dispatch just ran an article about various false bomb threats being called into local businesses

Suffice it to say, when emergency service personnel (fire, police, EMS)  are responding to these types of calls, then they are unable to respond to real emergencies.

Calling in false threats of a bomb in a business is a mean and cruel thing to do. 

It is requested that anyone with any information about these threats is asked to call the Shawnee PD, 24/7 at 913-631-2155.

Keep in mind it could be your or a family member who might really need the assistance of our first responders and would be unable to get it because they are responding to a deliberate false alarm.

Again, if you have any info, please call, 913-631-2155