Sunday, March 02, 2014

National League of Cities - Wash. DC

In about two weeks the National League of Cities will hold its annual congressional conference.

Long time readers of this blog will remember that I have always said good information can be gotten from these conferences.  My primary objections in the past have been that the city has overloaded the size of the delegation that we have sent.

My repeated suggestion has been to send four people:  the mayor, two members of the council and the city manager.  These folks can then come back and inform the other members of the governing body, and any city staff as to the highlights of the meetings and how they affect Shawnee.

This year, we have a milestone.  Based on information that I received on 2/21/14 only four individuals will be attending:

Mayor Meyers
Councilmembers Sandifer & Sawyer
City Manager Gonzales

Congratulations for getting it right!!!!!

WARNING!!!!!! The City Manager of Shawnee has determined that local bloggers post items that may contain bad or misinformation. Please read these posts with care and determine for yourself whether the information is valid.