Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jim Neighbor is Unfair And Heavy Handed

At Tuesday's (5/20/14) council committee meeting Councilmember Jim Neighbor again displayed his incompetence in fairly conducting a meeting.

As council president he is also chairman of the committee.  Basically, what happened is that he allowed Jeff (the arrogant one) Vaught to make comments concerning other members of the council, but when Council Member Mike Kemmling went to defend himself and set the record straight Neighbor gaveled him down.  The comments are too lengthy and involved for me to post here, but one can listen to the video on the city's web site (provided they haven't been edited).

This is not the first time that Neighbor has done this.  In reality if anybody needed to be gaveled down it was Vaught. What is the problem?  Is Neighbor scared of Vaught?  Does he have a Napoleonic Complex?  Is someone pulling his strings? 

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