Friday, October 31, 2014

Agendas & Special Interests - Revisited

Next Tuesday is election day and as it approaches I feel the need to mention how much I dislike the use of these two terms.

Agenda:  What's wrong with an agenda?  It's a plan that a candidate wants to follow.  I want my choice to have an agenda.  I want that person to know what they want to do.  A candidate without an agenda does not know where they are going or what policies they support.  The only time an agenda is a "bad" agenda, is if it is contrary to your agenda.

Special Interests:  C'mon folks get real.  So a candidate is supported by "special interests".  ALL candidates are supported by special interests.  People who agree with a candidate's agenda support that candidate, including you.  Like an agenda, the only time being supported by special interests is bad is when those interests conflict with yours.