Monday, November 17, 2014

Westbrooke Village Deal - Dead

As you may know from previous posts, the City entered into an agreement with MDDS to arrange for redevelopment of the Westbrooke Village shopping center.  The City was scheduled to pay the developer incremental payments, totaling $300K based on certain performance levels being met.  The City was also planning on spending an additional $85K for a blight study and related issues.

The last thing that was in the local newspaper was that the first plateau that MDDS was to achieve was being extended by 60 days.  That would be from 6/1 to 8/1.  Not having heard anything in awhile a KORA request was submitted for info.

This was the response:

The agreement has been terminated.  None of the scheduled payments were made according to the Master Developer Agreement.  However, the City made a payment of $25,000 to MDDS on 10/16/14 to compensate them for some of their time and expense already incurred for their studies and discussion with the retailer and the owners of Westbrooke Village.

If the payment was made 10/16, when was the agreement terminated?  I'm guessing one to two weeks prior to that payment. If not even longer. That would be at least 6 weeks ago, or longer.  I believe that at least four if not all members of the council had not been informed as of this morning of the status by the city manager.  Is the city still going to spend the approximate $85K for the blight study and the related issues?

Sidebar:  There is a rumor on the street that they are now looking at Olathe..............

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