Thursday, December 18, 2014

Shawnee Mayor's Race - 2015

So far three individuals have filed to run for the Mayor of Shawnee.  Since more than two have filed there will be a primary election on March 3, 2015 and the general election will be held on April 7, 2015.

Between the three who have filed the obvious choice would be Michelle Distler who is currently a Ward IV council person.  Her web site is

Folks who are interested may contribute once during the primary cycle and once during the general election cycle.  That becomes important if you are contributing the maximum allowable of $500 per person or business. Would like to see folks get behind Michelle as she would be a definite asset to the city.

The other two who have filed are Jeff Vaught, currently a Ward III council person and John Segale a former council person and county commissioner.  Vaught's site is and Segale's is  Vaught's history of arrogance would be one reason that he would not be what Shawnee needs for mayor.  Also, he has insulted approximately 25% of the residents of Shawnee by basically saying if they rent they don't have a stake in the city.  This, at an open council meeting.  Someone like that would not be an all inclusive individual.  On Segale's web site  he is complaining about the things that Vaught is taking credit for.  In the last mayoral election there was a primary and Segale was eliminated from going into the general election by a virtual unknown at the time.  That's gotta tell ya something.