Thursday, December 03, 2015

Being Politically Correct Can be a Bunch of Garbage

Very seldom do I write anything on this blog that does not have anything to do with Shawnee, but today will be one of those times.

With some of the recent events that have been happening it is time to speak out.  There are folks who don't like the term Islamic terrorist.  Well, let's see, what would you call someone who is of that religion who uses terror to try and subvert others to their way of thinking?  Another no no is illegal aliens or illegal immigrants.  Golly gee, there are legal ways to enter the United States.  If ya don't do it legally then you have to be illegal.  Simple, isn't it?

Maybe the PC police would like us to change other terms:

1.  Illegal parking becomes improperly positioned motor vehicle
2.  Murderer becomes a life termination expeditor
3.  Wife/husband batterer becomes a spousal attitude adjustment specialist
4.  Thief becomes a wealth distribution specialist (synonymous also with Democratic presidents/presidential candidates)
5.  Drug dealer becomes amateur pharmaceutical distributor
6.  Drunk becomes limited alcohol tolerance
7.  Drunk driver becomes limited alcohol tolerance vehicle operator
8.  Arsonist becomes an uncontrolled pyrotechnic display artist