Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Which Way Will Vaught Swing?

Councilmember Jeff Vaught never ceases to amaze me.  One thing though, he keeps my research skills up.

A few weeks ago there was an item before the council.  I'll keep it simple. There was an item in the International Building and Residential codes concerning fences around swimming pools and the use of some new high tech pool covers.  These high tech covers (which run in the thousands) are mechanical and supposedly can support substantial weight.  The international codes basically said if a homeowner had one of these high tech covers that fencing was not required.  Some members of the council still wanted fencing.  Vaught, in his infinite wisdom said that since hundreds of experts had worked on these codes that we should go with their decision.

Now, let's back track to December of 2012.  There were some (5) items up for review that appeared in these international codes.  One pertained to protection from roof ice dams (ice barrier) and the other protection of wood I-joist floors (fire protection).  Now our fearless expert of all things construction thought we didn't need those.  Part of the argument was based on what it would add to the cost of constructing a new home.  But wait a minute, hundreds of experts worked on these but I guess in this case he knew better than them.

It's really nice how the arrogant one can pick and choose when he wants to use the combined knowledge of these hundreds of experts.  Guess which way he swings on these issues depends on who he wants to endear himself to.  How do we spell opportunist?