Sunday, June 12, 2016

New Feature on Shawnee Web Site

Recently the city has been posting "City Council Actions (date)' on the front page of the city's web site.

This is a great move, and positive with regards to transparency.  These postings, which are placed one or two days after a council meeting do NOT replace the minutes of these meetings.  By law, the minutes, which contain all info, including comments by members of the public, cannot be posted until they have been approved at a subsequent council meeting.

These "actions" give a brief synopsis of what happened and can be a quick ready reference especially for those who did not attend or listen to the streaming audio of the meeting.  Those needing to know who said what and what info was presented as back up will need to wait for the full minutes to be posted.

To see the most current item go here  When you get there, click on the news item about the actions.  When you get to that page you can also view previous items.