Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lost Heritage, Let's Bring It Back

This past Monday yours truly asked the council to consider four items that have an impact on the city's heritage/history.

  1. City flag:  The only city flag that is displayed is the one at city hall behind the dais of the city council.  On the flag poles at city hall, the justice center on Renner and the safety center on Quivira what is on those flag poles is the advertising banner.  The one with the tree and the advertising slogan "Good Starts Here"  IMHO advertising banners belong strung from light poles like the Old Shawnee Days banner.  When flags are displayed at half staff as memorials (the US and Kansas flags) it is, IMHO disrespectful to have an advertising banner in that position.
  2. Pictures of mayors:  When the city council chambers were remodeled the pictures that were on the wall of Shawnee's mayors were removed and not replaced.  Those pictures are part of Shawnee's history and heritage.  When students and others were given a tour of city hall that was part of it. 
  3. Shawnee Town 1929:  When the name was changed from Old Shawnee Town the hairs on my neck just stood up.  The year 1929 was probably one of the worst years in American history.  It was the year of the stock market crash which ushered in the Great Depression.  The theory was to relate the exhibit to the old farming community.  I'm sure there is another way to do it.  Many city employees (Parks Department) and countless volunteers have worked very hard to make the Town a premier exhibit.  It is an ongoing project with more to come.  Associating this project with the year 1929 is, IMHO insulting to those who have worked hard and diligently to make it what it is, and an insult to the project itself.
  4. July 4th fireworks:  Years ago the city suspended its partnership with Lenexa and JoCo Parks for a display at Shawnee Mission Park.  The reason was cost.  The suggestion I made Monday night was to have the Shawnee Chamber partner with the Lenexa Chamber and work on a sponsorship program to get both businesses and private individuals to make it happen.  It can be a great family event, and also it can attract others from the metro.  Vendors can also be secured to furnish food and non-alcoholic beverages.