Thursday, August 16, 2018

Mayor Distler's Release Concerning Statement Regarding Cong. Yoder

As a result of a misunderstanding of Mayor Distler's statement concerning Congressman Yoder that appeared in the Shawnee Mission Post she has issued the following release:

As a Mayor I must work cooperatively with elected representatives at the Federal, State, County, and other municipal levels. Because of this, in my position as Mayor, it is my policy that I do not endorse any candidates, in any campaign race, ever.

 I stand by my quote released in Congressman Yoder’s Press Release as a reference to the job he has done for us as a city.

“Kevin has been very approachable, responsive, and attentive to our community’s needs and has reliably helped us cut through D.C. bureaucracy to resolve issues for our residents. We are fortunate to have him working for us in Washington.”

Because a few of the mayors used the word ‘endorse’ in their statements, The Shawnee Mission Post took it upon itself to use the term ‘endorse’ in their headline stating, "Six Shawnee Mission area mayors 'endorse' Yoder for reelection."

When this was brought to my attention I contacted The Shawnee Mission Post to clarify that I do not endorse candidates and that headline is not correct. Following, I feel their readers were further confused by making them think I am against him, which is certainly not true.

Again, I stand by my statement and it’s as simple as that, a statement. I was referencing what he has done for us as a city and it is very important to me that news sources portray things accurately.