Sunday, January 13, 2019

Stephanie "The Liar" Meyer Wants to be Council President

It’s on the agenda for Monday’s meeting, 1/14/19.

Calling a sitting city councilmember a liar is a tough thing to do.  Unless as in this case it is true.

First, let’s look at what Ms. Meyer wants.  She wants to be Council President.  The Council President has some clearly defined responsibilities and functions.  One of these is to assume the office of  Mayor if for some reason the mayor is unable to complete his/her term.  The other function is to chair the council committee.

Rather than copy|paste abunch of emails I will provide a synopsis of what transpired and end it with a copy|paste of my last email to her.

This all started with a dialogue about the proposed new community center on the west side.  Ms. Meyer claimed that she know the pulse of her constituents.  I questioned that because she had run unopposed in the last city election.  She came back in a very bullying manner (ala Jeff Vaught who she now seems to be channeling) claiming I did not not know how she handled her campaigning.  She claimed she walked her ward in that last election even though she ran unopposed.

She was asked to produce a copy of her walking card.  What is a walking card?  That is that card that candidates have printed, usually about twice the size of a standard post card.  It contains info on what the candidate stands for.  It is used by candidates to remind citizens who the candidate is.  And, if the citizen is not home, it’s a notice that the candidate stopped by (usually left in the door).

She failed to produce a copy of the walking card and never even responded to the request to see it.  Why?  Because she never had any printed.  I had already pulled her campaign finance reports.  She had no contributions listed and no expenses listed.  Ergo, she never bought and paid for any walking cards.  No candidate is going to walk a ward without this type of card.  So she lied about walking the ward in the last city election.  She did mention that walked the state rep district (which is a larger geography) in 2012.  Ahhh yes, believe that was a primary in which Charles Macheers beat her by almost 2:1.

For the record, Ms Myer has never been challenged  for her position on the city council.  She was originally appointed to fill the seat that became open when Dawn Kuhn resigned and then ran unopposed.  Of course she got votes that year.  There was no other choice.

IMHO, that because of her lying about walking the ward, that any councilmember who votes for her for Council President is morally deficient.

Here’s the copy|paste of my final email to her (which includes some quoting from her email):
You have not provided me with a copy of your "walking card" from the last election. Probably because you never had one.  Probably because you never walked the ward, even though you claim you did.

This from you:

First of all, I object to your comment that I have not taken the pulse of my constituents.  You have no idea how I interact with my neighbors and other residents, nor anything about any campaigns I've run, as you've never been involved.  I did in fact walk my ward during my last election, despite being unopposed, because they are still my constituents.  Additionally, when I ran for State Representative in 2012, I walked an even larger area, and this came up at many doors at that time as well
You can object all you want.  Taking an arrogant, sanctimonious, bullying "attack" stance with me will not work.  Do you think I am some kind of fool?  If you do, well then young lady you have alot to learn.  It took less than five minutes to pull up your financials from the last election.  All reports were zero dollars in and zero dollars out.  No funds expended for "walking cards".  Who walks a ward without leaving something behind, especially if no one is home?  Granted, you may have stopped to chat with some neighbors and/or friends, but it would definitely appear that you did not walk the ward.

Maybe I should now consider you as Stephanie "the liar" Meyer.