Sunday, May 15, 2005

Cell Phones and Driving

Looks like the City of Chicago is going to be the latest city to ban the use of cell phones while driving. There will be some exceptions. Among those would be the use of hands free devices and emergency calls.

Again, a legislative body reacts to a politically correct bunch of bovine scatology. Appease the cry babies with a new law targeted at one group. Wake up folks..........most states already have laws on the books pertaining to either inattentive and/or careless and reckless driving.

What totally thoroughly pisses me off is what about the other causes of inattention which are just as if not more responsible for vehicle accidents?

Things like:

1. The gal driving with the visor mirror down applying make up. Sometimes even using both hands. Must be steering with her knees.

2. Munching on that greasy, sauce oozing burger. Spill some of that sauce on one's self and see how quickly they lose attention.

3. Drinking and driving...........and not booze. Without a straw, that head gets tilted back and the old eyeballs are staring at the roof of the car............not on the road.

4. Reaching behind (and looking in the back) to calm down the antics of those sweet little toddlers, that are too young to understand that it is important to behave while mommy or daddy is driving.

5. Ever see somebody read a newspaper or a book while they are driving?

6. What about those nifty new GPS systems in cars? If a driver is reading that cute little map or the directions he/she is not paying attention to the road.

7. How about playing around with the radio? Changing a CD/tape?

Anyway, it seems like there is a movement around to single out cell phone users. What a crock.

For the record, I do use my cell phone when driving...........with a hands free device.