Thursday, May 05, 2005

Reverse Evolution

Today, the Kansas State Board of Education is about to prove that evolution works in reverse.

They are holding hearings to determine whether or not the science curriculum needs to be changed. What are they considering? Whether or not to teach "Intelligent Design" as an opposing viewpoint to evolution. Intelligent design is nothing more than a fancy way of saying "Creationism".

By doing this they are about to prove that reverse evolution does exist. Why? Because they are about to make monkies of the citizens of the State of Kansas, that is why.

There is an element in this state that wants to force their religious views on the entire state. Don't they realize that freedom of religion applies to all? Including maybe some who do not recognize religion.

Religion belongs in the home and the various houses of worship. No single group has a right to force their religious views on others. And it definitely does not belong in public schools.

Let the science teachers teach science, and let the clergy teach religion.