Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Last night's Shawnee City Council meeting was basically uneventful.

No yelling, no ranting, no raving.....................a peaceful meeting.

But, I can always count on Dan Pflumm to provide something interesting to write about.

This is wild.

Various commission members were up for reappointment. Now it is my understanding that ALL of them have served in these non-paying positions faithfully and with the best interests of the city high on their priority lists.

Now, keep in mind that in a small community like Shawnee there will be friends and family involved in various aspects of city business. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

What happened? Apparently one of the reappoinments is an individual related to Dan Pflumm.
Nothing wrong with that. Normally, in most cities though, when something like this occurs, the councilperson would usually abstain from any discussion and/or vote on a reappointment that involved a family member.

What did Dan do? He actually was the council member who made the motion to approve the reappoinment. Just not cool................oh well, such is life.

It was nice to hear that the City's finance department received high marks on a recent annual audit. Good job.