Friday, June 29, 2007

Shawnee - Lenexa Dumb

Whoops, my bad. The title should be Shawnee-Lenexa Sun. Yes, that local newspaper.

Check out this editorial:

Well, since the writer of that editorial/opinion piece called the City Councils of Shawnee and Lenexa timid, I'll bounce it back to the paper. The writer of that piece is a gutless coward. The council members are known individuals. Even this blog says who I am. The writer of that piece hides behind a cloak of anonymity. That's OK.

I'll keep my comments brief:

1. This constant reliance on the Surgeon Gebneral's various reports and studies. Mos t of those are theoretical in nature. Give me facts. Give me 3 death cetificates of the supposed 50,000 who died from secondhand smoke, and verify that that was the cause?

2. But what is amazing is how the writer of that editorial, and various other "champions of health" fail to take on other issues. Such as how many people have developed cardiovascular problems and died because of vehicle emissions? How many people who supposedly suffer because of secondhand smoke really suffer because of vehicle emissions? Vehicle emissions that we are all exposed to.

3. If these "me too" hypocrites really cared about health they would embrace a proposal I tossed out at a Shawnee City Council meeting. A special city use permit for high emission belching vehicles like SUVs, trucks etc etc. This permit would increase in cost as the vehicle got older.