Friday, November 30, 2007

Kline Sticks it to JoCo

Most people are probably aware by this time of the brouhaha caused by the recent KCTV5 investigation of our illustrious DA, Phill Kline.

What did the investigation come up with?

1. Phill Kline rented a rundown apartment in Stilwell, KS
2. He changed his voter registration to that address
3. He registered his cars at that address

Technically, that probably makes him a Johnson County resident.

A Johnson County resident who visits his family in Topeka to have dinner and spend the night.

What Mr Kline apparently has done is a little political two steppin'. Sneaky, underhanded and who knows what else.

Another part of the investigation questioned how much time he spends in his office in Olathe. And apparently neither he nor his office staff feels that he must answer for or justify his time. Surprise, surprise Phill do have to account for your time. You work for us, it's not the other way around. As an elected official, if the people want to know how you spend your time you better be able to provide the answers.

Here's the kicker. The voters of Johnson County are approximately 2 to 1 registered as republicans. When Paul Morrison (D) ran against Phill Kline for State Attorney General, not only did Morrison wipe the floor with him statewide, but in Johnson County Morrison won by almost 2 to 1. Folks in Johnson County did not want Phill Kline in public office anymore. What happened? The Republican Precinct committee persons gave him the DA's job. (Morrison had been a Republican when he had been elected to that office before he switched to run against Kline)

Kline may be a JoCo resident because of a technicality. The reality, in my opinion,Kline has scammed the folks of JoCo.