Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Only Six Dollars Each

After reading the entry about creativity, a local resident sent me a whole list of slogan ideas. He said he'd sell them for $6 each.........naturally, it's too late to change again, but, these do give some idea of what can be proposed by just plain folks.

Happiness spoken here!

Shawnee means business

Not just another Kansas town

Take The Shawnee Advantage

A town for all seasons; a community for all reasons

The best-kept secret in Kansas

America's leading Community

The Shawnee City Council: In a class by itself

The town that works as hard as you do

Isn't it time you Shawneed?

Don't you need a place to really live?

You're in for a pleasant surprise

Let us sell you on Shawnee

Explore the Values

Meet your new neighbors

Join the Midwest at its Best

Best of all, Shawnee

There's even more: Opportunity

What an opportunity!

Shawnee, the best news for you!

Still, by popular demand

It's true! It's Shawnee!

Something to cheer about!

Check our super features!

Backed by America!

Shawnee: the sky's the limit

Chock full of life

A rich harvest of all that’s best

It's all here!

Everything you need and want

Shawnee: Everything's included!

Everything in one complete package

Then, before I could post them, he sent a few more:

We'll change your mind about living!

Why postpone your future in Shawnee?

Who could say no to success?

Don't you wish you were here?