Friday, October 05, 2012

Shawnee Dispatch Poll

We all know that on line polls are not accurate.  But they can be interesting.

Anyway, the Shawnee Dispatch is running a poll on their website at (click on the link to the left and then scroll down to the lower right side of their website)

Here is the question, with the three possible answers:

Note:  You must go to the Dispatch at to take the poll.  You cannot take it here.

A few people have criticized The Dispatch recently for covering “negative” news regarding local government. What do you believe is the role of a community newspaper?

My opinion is that a local newspaper is supposed to write about "the good, the bad and the ugly".  Unfortunately the two previous local reporters seemed to be extensions of city hall's PR department, and shied away from anything bordering on the controversial.  It seemed like the paper may have at one time been a tool of certain senior officials of the city.

The people have a right to know what is happening.  Things aren't always rosey.  When someone sees some warts, instead of criticizing them for it, take the necessary action to treat the problem.

When certain individuals say that there are items that need not come to the public's attention because it makes the city look bad, I say balderdash (actaully I say something else but trying to keep this post family oriented).  They are not worried about how the city looks, they are worried about how they look.

When a city grows from small farming town to a component of a major metro area it needs to realize that local media has a responsibility to keep the citizens informed about all aspects of what is happening.  Then the citizens can praise the positives and work to reduce the negatives.

Go to the Dispatch and take the poll................what the heck...................